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  1. jb1911

    Looking for a new cue ball.

    The one I'm using now always ends up against a rail. :)
  2. jb1911

    What's the point of 10 ball?

    When we already had 9 ball.
  3. jb1911

    Great book

    I learned a lot from this book when I was starting out.
  4. jb1911

    Reyes vs Feijen 2001

    Japan 9 ball championship. In the hour and a half video Allen Hopkins called him Efrem about 400 times. I had to turn the sound off. Fer Chrisakes, you're a professional announcer. The least you could do is learn the contenders names.
  5. jb1911

    Does chalk get dried out over time?

    Or is it like twinkies and is good forever.
  6. jb1911

    My Moori J for your Kamui Black Medium

    Mail me yours, I'll mail you mine.
  7. jb1911

    Joss cue question

    I see some Joss cues that say "Joss" on the butt cap and others have it engraved on the joint. Anyone know why? I emailed Joss and got no answer.
  8. jb1911

    I want your opinion

    I've had the McDermott D4 for about 20 years and the Irish Linen wrap is kind of dirty and worn out. I want to have it replaced and I've never really liked the maroon. It looks worse in person than in this picture, it's almost red in the pic, but a darker maroon in reality. I'm thinking of...
  9. jb1911

    Moori J tip

    I see there was a group buy that I unfortunately missed out on. Is there anyone that got one that would be willing to give us a review? Thanks in advance.
  10. jb1911

    Tweeten rapid cue top sander

    Has anyone damaged a shaft by clamping it in this device? I'd like to buy one but I'm concerned about damage. Probably a silly question.
  11. jb1911

    Delrin collars

    Where do I buy delrin collars for working on a cue in a metal working lathe?
  12. jb1911

    Leather conditioner

    I have an Instroke Leather Buffalo case being delivered tomorrow and I want to take good care of it. What leather conditioner should I use on it or should I just leave it alone. I emailed Instroke but haven't heard from them yet. Thanks in advance.
  13. jb1911

    Knife for triming a new tip.

    Where do I get a knife like the one in this video?