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  1. bolas

    cue companion on CL
  2. bolas

    one pocket

    for sale 0ne-pocket books [ATTACH]272721[/ATTACH...............................]for sale winning 0ne-pocket 2nd edition and shots,moves,& strategies...both in great condition ....sold... any where in the US
  3. bolas


    what is the average life span of a 3/8 10 or radial tap? how many cues before tap get toss out?
  4. bolas

    jet lathe ........seems like a good deal on a repair lathe
  5. bolas

    tip dressing tool

    looking for razor blade rest that goes on tool post.
  6. bolas

    wtb taig carraige

    looking for taig carraige
  7. bolas

    kim steel frame pool table

    is this a good table? (
  8. bolas

    looking for a poolroom

    where is the best place to play in Chicago land area?
  9. bolas

    wtb jp for josswest

    looking for custom joint protector for josswest cue
  10. bolas

    Billiards Digest

  11. bolas

    Billiards Digest

    1st issue of billiards digest for sale....1978 very good condition jim rempe is on the cover...will take best offer.
  12. bolas

    wtb custom nitti

    looking for a cris nitti cue for under a grand
  13. bolas

    wtb jp for omega dpk

    does anyone know where i can buy joint protector for omega dpk cue 3/8 14.
  14. bolas

    wtb omega dpk

    looking for omega/dpk
  15. bolas

    wtb a custom case

    looking for a custom case more than 400.00 ship