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    Richard black 1994 hoppe 4 point

    7 day no reserve on e-bay
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    Cue id help

    Looks similar to an Adams, but there is no logo. Anyone know what it is?Thanks
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    Wtb: Palmer model 14 3rd catalog
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    Palmer Model 14

    WTB: Palmer 3rd catalog Model 14.
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    Palmer 2nd cat model "g" foil

    Does anyone know where I can get a replacement foil? "Original By Palmer"
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    Tad 1994

    1994 Tad. Anyone know the model/approx. value
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    Andy gilbert 02

    Anyone know any specifics on this cue?
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    Andy Gilbert 02/03 ?

    Can anyone give me some info or specs on this Andy Gilbert cue? Thanks, John