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    A blast from the [recent] past:

    Result of a 2014 collaboration project:
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    Goldfield Burl and Borneo Rosewood

    Full-splice Goldfield Burl front, Borneo Rosewood prongs with bridged veneers, mitered veneer boxes, Mastodon Ivory, Sterling Silver, Blacklip Mother-of-pearl, and Ebony. Borneo Rosewood joint, LBM half-ferrules, Kamui tips - 19.45 oz. TW
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    (l - r) - "Puzzle [for Maurits]", "Serpentes", "Golden Tuxedo", and two from my "Hardwood Series": TW
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    A blast from the past

    I was just going through an old hard-drive, pulling off any photos I care about before I shred it, and I found a bunch of mid-90's images I had forgotten about. This one was poster art I made for a cue I called "Puzzle [for Maurits]", depicting the two inspirational sources for the cue. Along...
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    Ivory Ban update - July 9, 2014

    This just released by the Elephant Protection Association regarding US FWS attempt to ban the sale of legal elephant ivory in the U.S.A..: The House Bill referred to in that EPA release can be found here...
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    Something new

    Went out last month. First finished cue of 2014. Very "active" Maple Burl front and back with a swirly Honduran Rosewood Burl handle section. Ivory, Silver, and Red Bubinga ring work. TW
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    30th Anniversary in Snakewood

    Snakewood front and back ends, figured Claro Walnut handle, Ivory points, Sterling Silver and Ivory detail inlays, engraved with logo and anniversary hallmarks. Joint ring detail: Point-tip detail: