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  1. augustine tan

    world cup of pool

    world cup of pool starts tmr 12pm, 3pm, 6pm asia philipines time. it is shown on either solar sports or abs cbn channel. anywhere to view it on the internet streaming?
  2. augustine tan

    seminole pro tour

    live streaming this weekend?
  3. augustine tan

    seminole pro tour

    seminole pro tour today, 10am, any live streaming?
  4. augustine tan

    help needed

    i have a pool cue butt, without a shaft it is a fury pool cue, Fury limited edition DL-14, wrapless Joint Pin: Fury Speed Lock Joint Style: Piloted Stainless Steel anyone knows where can i get the shaft, any other brands of shafts which can fit the joint? shafts from other brands of cues...
  5. augustine tan


    question about cue i have a fury pool cue butt, without the shaft, you guys know what are the cue shafts that can fit a fury joint?
  6. augustine tan

    wu cc turned down cuetec offer

    before svb contract, cuetec did offer wu chia ching a contract, in march, which he turned down. that was the time when taiwan used cuetec to keep him. in the end, he still become permanent resident of singapore. Wu rejected the Chinese-Taipei Billiard Association’s condition for putting him...
  7. augustine tan

    kuo po cheng - svb, world games

    u guys would like to watch this match
  8. augustine tan


    ignore this thread
  9. augustine tan

    look @ wat de luna did to van den berg

    look @ wat de luna did to van den berg lol de luna facebook ->
  10. augustine tan

    wpba stream

    i can hear the sound of balls potting but a black screen, with the streaming live. anyone same problem?
  11. augustine tan


    i went to realised that this organization is nice helped the women players earn their living in pool, as in tournaments anybody from USA can form a similar organization, for men players? good example to follow
  12. augustine tan

    feijen - hundal

    world pool masters
  13. augustine tan

    landon shuffett

    seen his videos 'll be one of the best in future with his father's n family guidance he is similar to taiwanese ko pin yi maybe work on his break abit tats all
  14. augustine tan

    ronnie o sullivan - wu chia ching
  15. augustine tan

    phillipine 10ball stream

    click on the link here
  16. augustine tan

    phillipines 10ball

    from tmr may 27 to sunday im quite sure it is aired live on espn starsports asia sg time 2pm to 6pm daily same channel as guinness 9ball tour, those using tvu/sopcast to watch, find out from myp2p tmr for the link, hopefully
  17. augustine tan

    johnny archer

    johnny have the rights to say that he will only gamble anyone on his home table, but as one of the best pool players america ever produced, dont you think he should remove this ruling? and play on any table? even earl dont say that he will only gamble in his own room.
  18. augustine tan


    may 2009, its a sad thing for pool, no dates are confirmed for the world 8-ball, 9-ball(no venue). asian guinness 9-ball tour is no longer in production. still alot of action in america which is good. poor economy but organizations are making things happen. the politics in philipines, didnt...
  19. augustine tan

    ga young kim, jeanette lee

    the next wpba event, the two of them should get on TAR and gamble JCIN at the first recent wpba event? Lee is a good player Ga young kim may be a korean, she is located in Taiwan now, challenging the male players in gambling and tournaments, she is the best female player in taiwan?
  20. augustine tan

    wpc 9-ball, 10-ball

    With Mr Yen and Raya sports moved away from BSCP, Mr Puyat, Bugsy, a few other stables, BSCP and BMPAP back in power, will wpc 2009 go on? BSCP to try and make it happen? BSCP, BMPAP find sponsors, talk to matchroom sports? both WPC 9-ball and 10-ball? it will be appreciated by many im sure...