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  1. TheRIGERE

    Central FL One Pocket?

    Anybody in central FL want to play some one pocket with me? I'm really not too great at it but I find it a captivating game. Back home in RI, there seemed to be more interest and play of it but when I mention it around here I get looked at funny. If not I'll keep playing myself... lol
  2. TheRIGERE

    Robin Dodson "Tadpole" Jump Cue available

    I have a Robin Dodson Tadpole Jump Cue available for sale or trade.. I am open to all different stuff as I dont need it anymore...(heck I may have only ude it twice, so I didn't really need it before LOL ) The sell new for $79.95 or $49.95 if you buy 100 at a time.. Make me an offer... even...
  3. TheRIGERE

    WTB: Break Cue

    Looking for a break cue. Open to different options. Not looking to spend a ton, but I understand value and how you get what yuou pay for lol. Would also consider a break/jump combo but if thats the case would rather look for someone willing to trade a Robin Dodson FROG jump for it... no sense...
  4. TheRIGERE

    Break Cue Recos??

    Thinking I might get me a break cue and would love some recommendation from you all. I normally break with my playing cue but now that I'm playing more and am attached to it, I'd rather not hurt it. For now I'll use a house cue but want to get something of my own.. thanks everyone
  5. TheRIGERE

    Help with bolt thread???

    Anoyone out know what the thrread used on weight bols for Brunswick and Joss cues?? i believe they are the same ones acutually since they are made together if I'm not mistaken...AND can those taps be found readily at Home Depot or othe rhardware store??? help thanks:D :confused:
  6. TheRIGERE

    CA Break tips???

    Has anyone experimented with covering standard leather tips with CA(SuperGlue) to achieve a harder more similar tip to phenolic tips? I am trying it now and so far seems to work well...Whats nice its that although its harder and the cueball seems to get off it quicker it still retains the...
  7. TheRIGERE

    New Cue Maker....T.Richards Cues

    Hi everyone. I'm new to cuemaking and even newer to this forum but I'm here finally! LOL Here the first 4 cues I've finished. I'm simply trying to move these in order to fund myself to buy more materials and equipment to bring you cues that you can actually drool over. Hope you like them. All...