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    Missouri State 9 Ball Tournament

    at Billiards of Springfield. Free stream.
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    Gorgeous and unique Gilbert Cue

    Listing this beautiful and unique cue for a friend. Jim Helt is the owner. Please direct any questions or specific requests to Jim Helt. This cue is absolutely stunning and the only one left with this type of Gilbert labeling. Jim wants $3500 for the cue. I will see if I can get Jim to join...
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    Like to have Pechauer P13f

    Nevermind, the darn things are too skinny. I like somewhat bigger butts on my cues.
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    Need a weight bolt

    In need of a 3/8x16 thread weight bolt that has the undercut panhead (flat on the bottom or the head with only a short beveled edge up to the flat top). I need the bolt to be 3.5 to 3.8" long, preferably steel or brass. This is to replace the weight bolt in a NOVA cue. It would also need to...
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    Karella K-03

    Cue tip has been chalked and test hit. New condition otherwise. Specs are in picture. $300 OBO shipped CONUS
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    FS: Schon SP STL 7 Cocobolo

    Sorry to say this cue is no longer available - sold it in Vegas.
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    O'Sullivan stumbles a bit

    the final frame of the World Snooker Championship played at the Crucible yesterday. Link starts where it gets real interesting, especially the 2nd shot played by Mark Selby. Talk about cue ball control!
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    A good evening of snooker

    Now it's only a 5x10 and we only played about a dozen games but I enjoyed some snooker this evening. It's been quite some time since my eyes have worked good enough to play well - but tonight they did. I had runs of 63 and 70, then topped it off with a 102 run. I don't do this often enough to...
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    ***4 Gilbert Shafts***

    Darren Everett has asked me to sell these four shafts for him. They are all 5/16x14 piloted, they are all well used and need cleaning, they vary in straightness but all are very playable. 1 - 12.4mm tip, 3.45 ounces, 29" - this shaft is SOLD. 2 - 12.3mm tip, 3.32 ounces, 29" 3 - 12.4mm tip...
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    Coker cue butt diameter

    Can someone with a Coker measure and tell me the butt diameter at the top of the butt cap (or at the lowest trim ring). TIA.
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    FS: Abear Cue

    Butt weight 14.92 oz 29 1/4" length, 1.261" diameter at lowest trim ring, .825" diameter at joint (staghorn or similar butt cap) Long 3/8x10 joint pin Shaft 1 - 3.32 oz, 28 7/8" length, 12.4mm tip (staghorn or similar horn ferrule) Shaft 2 - 3.29 oz, 29" length, 12.5mm, appears to be melamine...
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    FS: Gilbert Jump-Break

    Cue is signed Gilbert 99 Rolls straight, few light dings, chalk residue on shaft, tip is unknown to me but feels like a very hard break tip. I'm not absolutely certain the wood is purple heart, it could be a very deep reddish colored cocobola. SOLD AND SHIPPED!
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    2014 Missouri State 9 ball tournament

    Tournament is 7,8,9 February (below shows dates corrected in original flyer!). I'm attaching the announcement and entry forms pictures. Missouri residents only, sorry.
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    10' snooker table in FS section

    Carl Hungress has an ad in the for sale section for a 10' Brunswick snooker table with custom light fixture. I've seen multiple pics of both and they look great! If you are looking and are anywhere near Indiana, suggest you check it out.
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    Karella K-03

    Cue is not a showpiece but I thought some of you might have interest in the topic. The cue below is a current offering Karella K-03 sold by Competition Sports. It is made in the USA by Joss. Cue seems to be decently made, is straight, and has a good piece of wood in the shaft. Uses...
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    I've a cue made by Joss (not Joss branded) that uses the Joss-style 1/2" threaded stem bumper. I removed the bumper and damaged it in the process. Upon removal, I discovered the 1/2" hole in the butt is only threaded to accommodate the short length of thread on the bumper. I was planning to...
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    FT - Nice Nova

    no longer available
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    FS: Nice Adam Cue

    This is a Balabushka style Adam cue which does not have the gaudy, fake signature. Cue is sold and shipped.
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    Pretty bad play, but if you're bored finals begin at about 54:10. I'm the big, old, fat, ugly guy. Came back from the one-loss side to double dip him.
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    A little one pocket tourney

    live in Springfield, MO. New streaming equipment is on order. Tourney has just begun. Jamey Martin vs Les Davis on stream table.