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  1. tankmanjones

    Predator Throne 2-5 butt

  2. tankmanjones

    Predator Throne 2-5 butt

    This is in excellent condition. Plays perfect. Zero roll. Uniloc. It kills me to part ways because I love this cue but life happens. I'm asking 850 obo. My starting price is based on other adds I've seen for the Throne series cues. I will entertain reasonable offers but I am not interested...
  3. tankmanjones

    Jayson Shaw’s World Record 714 High Run Video

    When will this start shipping?
  4. tankmanjones

    Jayson Shaw 714 Pre-Sale

    I ordered mine. Thats so awesome and Congrats to Jayson!
  5. tankmanjones

    Sold Predator LE Willie 4 with upgraded leather wrap and radial pin

    Sorry, was looking on my phone. I missed that
  6. tankmanjones

    Sold Cuetec Avid Sneaky Pete Florian Edition

    This is a barely used cue in mint condition. Plays great, rolls perfect. Feel free to ask any questions. Asking 175. I'll cover shipping. You cover fees or send as friends and family. Thanks for looking.
  7. tankmanjones

    Sold Predator BK Rush Redline

    This is an excellent condition BK Rush. Rolls perfect. Set at 19oz. Feel free to ask any questions. Asking 600. I'll cover shipping. You cover fees or send as friends and family. Will ship in a hard tube to keep it safe. Thank you for looking.
  8. tankmanjones

    Sold Cuetec Propel Ruby Red

    This cue is in excellent condition. A few scuffs on the butt from where you set it on the ground but otherwise in like new condition. I just got a jump break cue so I won't need this cue any more. I'm asking 340 or best offer. Not interested in trades at all. I'll cover the shipping if you...
  9. tankmanjones

    Sold Cyclop Hyperion pool ball set

    Very lightly used. This set comes with the extra Cue ball and money balls. Very nice set. Im asking 300. If you cover the paypal fees or do friends and family, Ill cover the shipping and Ill ship it expedited. Open to reasonable offers also but I am not interested in trades. Thank you
  10. tankmanjones

    Samsara Jump Break

    I have the Peachauer Break with the Rogue Break Shaft. Message me if interested. Its like new and All black
  11. tankmanjones

    Sold Predator Arcos 2 Ball Set

    Is this still available
  12. tankmanjones

    Sold Cuetec Breach Break Cue

    Hello, do you still have this cue? Will PM you
  13. tankmanjones

    Sold Predator Roadline LE6 with 314-3 shaft, NEW

    This cue is in new condition and hasn't even been chalked yet. It has a radial joint and a 314-3 shaft. Its a beautiful cue and there is nothing wrong with it. I just have my eyes on another specific cue. Not really interested in trades but I have a short list of cues I would be interested...
  14. tankmanjones

    Predator 4K-4 with 314 + Ob2

  15. tankmanjones

    Sold Predator Roadline

    Hello, do you still have this?