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  1. Sambo

    1" longer Shaft

    i was just wondering what everyones thoughts were on this. will i lose any control? thank you in advance...
  2. Sambo

    OB 2 Review

    i just wanted to pass along my thoughts of the ob2 shaft. i was playing with ob1 and liked it until i tried the ob2. the ob2 has a nice solid hit and i am at least 1 ball better than before. it was alittle thick in my fingers so i had it turned down and i could be any happier. i hope this...
  3. Sambo

    WTB Lomax Jump Cue

    evening everyone., i know this has been touched on recently. i have gotten to the point in my game where i need a jump cue and i have heard and read some great things about the lomax jump cue and wondering if you could help me find one to buy. thank you in advance sam
  4. Sambo

    Longer Shaft

    I was just wondering what advantage or disadvantage there might be with using a 1" longer shaft...such as moving the balance point..aiming...stroking? thank you in advance
  5. Sambo

    Break Cue Shaft

    good morning everyone, it has been awhile since i have made a post so bare with me. i have a x-breaker cue that i like very much when playing on a 9' table. i have just started playing on bar top tables and i am having a problem with keeping the cue ball on the table on the break. i am...
  6. Sambo


    i was just wondering if there are any dvds that show patterns or one that will show me the results of the cue ball after using english. thank you in advance
  7. Sambo

    new shaft/new cue?

    i am getting ready to receive my new cue and i was tossing around the the idea of putting a new low deflection shaft on it. or should i learn the feel of the cue with the shaft that comes with it. just wondering what others have done in this situation. thank you in advance sambo
  8. Sambo

    cocobolo vs rose wood

    good morning everyone and happy new year. i was wondering if someone can explain the difference between the 2 woods. and if 1 adds more value to the cue. thank you in advance for you help. sambo
  9. Sambo

    Looking for a new case

    need some advice here...i am looking purchase new case 2x4 and i need some help. i have been looking for a while and narrowed it down to either a instroke or talisman. my understanding is that the instroke offers insulation from the weather (i know it is not the right thing to do but i do...
  10. Sambo

    X Breaker Tips

    i have just received my x breaker and i am wondering what others think about theirs. also...the tip? what is with the different levels and then the very end of the tip (indented)...could someone please explain this to me. thank you sambo aka tab
  11. Sambo

    Slate Thickness

    i was wondering if someone could give me a link to a web site that tells me about the slate and the preferred thickness. thank you in advance sambo aka tab
  12. Sambo

    US Open Vendors

    I am not sure how to ask this but here it goes...I was wondering if the people who sell products here on az billiards will be some of the vendors at the open? Thank you sambo aka tab
  13. Sambo

    Parrott Cues

    I have found a local cue maker and I am wondering if anyone has had any experience with them. They are located in Richmond, VA. Thank you Sambo
  14. Sambo

    Traveling with your own cue

    i am wondering what everyones thoughts are about traveling and taking your own cue with you. i am headed to New York (by plane) and have given some thought to shooting some while i am there. should i take my own or just use a house cue? thank you in advance sambo
  15. Sambo

    New York Pool Rooms

    i am headed to new york city in the next couple of weeks and looking to shoot some. does anyone know of some pools rooms there in the city? thank you sambo
  16. Sambo

    Cue Weight

    I am looking for some help here...the other night i was testing someone else's cue that weight alittle more so it felt. my made my shots with less effort and seemed to straighter on longer shots. so my question is...does the weight have that much inpact on your stroke? Sambo
  17. Sambo

    New Pool Cues

    I have been wondering when people spend big money on a pool cue do they really take it to the pool hall and risk getting it damaged. Sambo
  18. Sambo

    Looking for custom Cue

    I have been playing steady for about 8 months and I am starting to looking at some up graded cues. My questions is...should I wait till the US Open comes to Chesapeake and see what the vendors have to offer. To be honest I have been looking at a Schon (STL 14) with a matching predator shaft...