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  1. New Guy

    What is the basic difference . . . .

    What is the basic difference between a Flowers Style Case and a cigar case and which offers better protection. Thanks Chris
  2. New Guy

    Change the name of a Thread

    How do I change the name of a thread? Like to change Instroke . . . very reasonable , they might not be , to something a bit more honest. I have posted a disclaimer sorta to explain the lack of information I have concerning these cases. The fact that I am waiting on further information from...
  3. New Guy

    Warming U_U_H_H_P

    Check out
  4. New Guy

    WTB/WT Nickerson/Teague

    Want to try a Keith Nickerson or Dale Teague , Not much budget. Can do some cash/trade. I have stuff for trade. New Whitten Style case, cues,? Chris
  5. New Guy

    Instroke? ( unknown ) cases very reasonable

    I am told the pictured are Instroke Cases from Taiwan.---- they may be knock-offs / or copies HAVE NOT seen the instroke style cases and am fishing for interest in the cases. I could hope to make available these and other styles at really KNOCK OUT prices. For safe storage ----or to carry...
  6. New Guy

    Test Photo--Cases

    Checking resolution these items will be for sale -- they are from Taiwan, do not have complete information as yet.
  7. New Guy

    What kind of Camera do you use?

    New Poll. Please if you will indicate the brand camera used for pleasure and posting here on the AZ. I really need to buy one.I have a bug for it , I used to take a few as a hobby, and also have a lot of stuff for the Flee-bay Please indicate a different Brand . . . if you use something...
  8. New Guy

    Seperate categories for Cases----Cues---

    Seperate categories for individual items for sale sure would help those OLD GUYS out here that can't remember where the heck we saw something, A SAVE feature to save items were browsing would be a plus as well. What do you guys think? I never did this before -A Poll that is-- Seperate...
  9. New Guy

    Looking for --2pc --tooled case

    somewhere I saw a really unique case looked like an envelope caould be attached to a 2x2 making the case a 3x5 ?? Natural /light golden color with tooled exterior of both pcs. Saw it recently pictured with other cases . Have been grazing over threads , but can't to locate it. Any help would...
  10. New Guy

    Join The Club

    Guys I new I would get my name in lights sooner or later-- Join up and you too can enjoy the praise , excitement, and expressively egotistical experience of having your name in BIG BLUE LIGHTS ! Besides you get a chance at a Ca$h cue , brought to you by The AZB team.Check it out . What...
  11. New Guy

    WTB-Nickerson, Teague-- ?

    Hi , I'm STILL on the prowl for a natural / forward balance cue, Have seen a few tried a few but can't find what I want. Helmstetter,Sierra, I got a couple of offers last year and info response. With that said I'm looking for a used / or new Plain Jane , Nickerson or Teague or even an...
  12. New Guy

    Unbelievable cue Auction

    Check out this site . . . . PM me back if any goes and buys . . . I would GO CRAZZ_Z_Z_Z_Z---Y AUCTION IN THE DENVER AREA
  13. New Guy

    Change AZB handle

    What are the chances I can change my handle--I saw somewhere that with the admin help/approval that can be done.. The handle New Guy really kinda S#$%s- Funny deal is that I don't really have a nick name from teacher or peers yet. ANY Help would be appreciated in this delimma Getting back...
  14. New Guy

    gotta change AZB handle !

    The New Guy really S**^s, for a name , handle, . . .may be true but nevertheless boring, gets redundant, kinda degrading--and not very inspired to say the least. But heres the catch --don't have the foggiest what to change it to . . . . OF course . . . With the permission and descretion of...
  15. New Guy

    Mid night madness starting

    MM starting on www.actionpooltv
  16. New Guy

    Music city midnight madness-tonight 1-16-2010

    Midnight Madness-Tonight ----1-16-2010 Midnight Madness 1-16-2010 LINE UP . . Keith Bennet Gabe Owen Shane McMinn JonathanPinager (Hennessee) Bobby Pickle Tom Delafonso Jesse Bowman Billy Young as of 7:35 match assignments were not known. Matches should start about 9:00-- 9:30 --...
  17. New Guy

    WTB/WT for 3x5- case

    I am on the prowl for a reasonably priced mid range case 3x5, 3x6, ?? Leather, new , used? color ? something cool if I can afford it. Please post or PM me Have Helmstetter,NOS ,McDermott's new never chalked, Schon sl-17 2 shafts 314, and factory recently tuned to 19+ oz can redo Thanks, Chris
  18. New Guy

    WTB Teague cue

    Wanted to buy Teague cue -fancy not pre-requisite I want to try the natural balance from this cue maker. PayPal / trade if interested Also looking for leather case--3x5-or ? Chris
  19. New Guy

    F/S , WT / Brunswick By JOSS

    I recently acquired a Joss Magnum#2 w/ i shaft-unknown if original however it does, fit and matches. MADE FOR Brunswick Co. by JOSS is on the butt cap. with a slight variation of materials used from the JOSS archive picture on their website that I am curious as to if there might be any...
  20. New Guy

    Wanted / wt / cash

    Pool table for home. Have looked at new , some nice some not-- 3.5 x 7 ehhhh 4 x 8 PREFERRED Black Brunswick w/simonis cloth electric /european blue or other fast cloth Centennials, Aramith, I know GOOD LUCK ! ! acessories not req. Delivery would help , w/out help would have to rely on...