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    If you haven't seen this match...
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    Thermostat setting for Gabriels Imperator 10' table

    What is an acceptable temperature range for the thermostat on a Gabriels Imperator 10' table. I have seen wide ranges listed. I would also be curious to know the proper table height from the floor to the top rail surface.
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    UMB Shot Clock

    Am I correct that the UMB World Cup match shot clock is 45 seconds with 2 time outs per player per match?
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    La Baule final 8 at 3:00 A.M.

    La Baule final 16 at 3:00 A.M. Here I am, up at 3:00 A.M. after 2.5 hours of sleep to watch Pedro vs Jaspers. The current score is Jaspers 20, Pedro 12 at the break. I gotta get a life :-)
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    A question about UMB World Cup scoring

    Example 1: In some world cup events, if player A breaks to start the match and gets to the winning score total and player B ties the score, there is a playoff where each player breaks and scores as many points as he can. The player that scores the most points in the playoff wins the match...
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    Verhoeven Details Appreciated

    Can anyone tell me when Carom Cafe opens it's doors each day during the tournament, what the hours of tournament play might be and the daily cost to be a spectator? Are there generally a lot of spectators competing for the best viewing seats? Also, any comments about the food served here and...
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    Gabriels and Chevillotte table USA distributors

    I am looking for the contact info for the Gabriels and Chevillotte USA distributors. I know that Steve Andersen is the Verhoeven distributor and I already have his info and Mazin has the Breton line. A friend of mine is looking to buy a nice table. Contact details would be appreciated please.
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    USBA Calendar Question

    Why does the USBA calendar still not show the 2016 Verhoeven Open August 1 - 6? The UMB calendar shows the tournament on these dates as does I find this curious, especially since it is the premier 3C event in the US and the only tournament that draws most of the world's...
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    FS: Early 70’s Richard Black w/Szambotti Prong

    ***SOLD*** Richard made this cue for me in 1973 while I was going to the University of Houston. At that time, his shop was located in his garage in a Houston suburb. The cue is constructed from bird’s eye maple and ebony with ivory dots. If you look closely in the 4th image, you will see a...
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    2015 3C World Championship and Match Schedule

    For those of you that are interested or have a Kozoom membership, see the links below for the World 3C Championship web site in Bordeaux and the match schedule beginning with today's play. Event Home Page: Match Schedule...
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    Silicone rubber carom grips

    I am interested in buying the following silicone rubber grips in the order listed below (or a suitable replacement) for my 3C cue without having to order them shipped from Europe. Clear or white would be preferable. I am not interested in grips that will add 1 oz + to my cue. I am curious to...
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    2015 Verhoeven Open

    I am interested in attending this tournament as a spectator in 2015. The phone # listed for Carom Corner Productions on their web site no longer works and calling Carom Cafe was not productive either. The event is not scheduled yet on the USBA, UMB web sites or on Kozoom. I want to find out if...
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    My new custom Schuler by Jacoby 3C cue

    A few months ago I had Brandon Jacoby of Jacoby Custom Cues build a custom Schuler for me based on my own design and specs. The cue is a mixture of cocobolo, burl maple and tulip wood with turquoise and cocobolo inlays. I am super happy with the build quality of the cue. It plays very similar...
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    2015 USBA Nationals

    Where and when is the USBA Nationals going to be held?
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    Carom Cue Advice Please

    I currently own an original Schuler and I love the way it plays. I am looking to get another carom cue. I have been posting in the Wanted/For Sale forum for another original Schuler ( and have not found exactly what I am looking for...
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    WTB Schuler Original Carom Cue or Butt Only

    I am interested in acquiring an original Schuler carom cue in excellent condition. I am not interested in SLC models. As the butts are the same for carom or pool, if you have an original Schuler butt without carom shafts I am interested in seeing your cue as well. Please post pics of your cue.
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    What is my Richard Black worth?

    Richard made this cue for me in 1973 while I was going to the University of Houston. At that time his shop was located in his garage. To the best of my knowledge the cue is made from birds eye maple and ebony with ivory dots. Cue experts would probably know better than me. There are 4 points...
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    Is it possible to modify my Schuler to accept a screw in butt extension?

    I am playing with an original Schuler that is 30 - 35 years old. I would like to be able to use an extension with this cue. The only extension design that I am willing to consider is the Hager slip on design (which is no longer available) or a screw in type for the butt (which my cue is not...
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    Wtb hager cue extention 16", 18" or 20"

    I have a Schuler carom cue and want a hager extension for it. The max diameter of my butt is 1.19" so I think I would need the hager model that is for max diameter of cue = 1.295". Anyone have one for sale or know where I can get one?
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    Cue tip sanding block

    In every video I see Caudron and Blomdahl playing in, they are using a thin sanding block on their tip between innings to slightly rough the tip. The only similar item I can find on the internet is the Caudron tip sanding block which I cannot find from USA suppliers. Does anyone know where a...