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  1. WGCP

    Diamond Pro Am question

    I sold my olhausen and bought a Diamond... How do you stop the black marks on the balls from the pockets of a diamond? I have to clean the balls every couple of days if I practice more than 3 or 4 hours... the marks come off, but not without effort... It is like the dye in the pockets is coming...
  2. WGCP

    rail cloth tightness

    :eek: I played on a diamond both at skeeters here in Gulfport MS, and at a friends house. Both tables rails seem tremendously faster than my olhausen champ... I noticed that my cloth on the rails themselves did not seem as tight, could this be the reason that the speed is so different? Or is...
  3. WGCP

    Practice question

    I am brand new to 14.1. So in my ignorance if you had to name the most important practice drill that you do to improve, it would be appreciated... Thanks:D
  4. WGCP

    predator Z shaft

    I just ordered a new shaft, z2 with a moori "slow" tip... Does anyone have any experience with this shaft or tip? One of my friends told me the slow tip is actually a hard tip... Thanks...:confused:
  5. WGCP

    One Pocket Rules Question

    A discussion ensued after the following happened... My opponent had a ball jawed in his pocket, I shot it in, did not scratch and told him to spot the ball, as he owed one from a previous foul. He said he did not owe this ball until after his inning was over, which by the way favored him from...
  6. WGCP


    I have just gotten back from Kuwait... I am on leave and in the orlando area for the next week... Can someone tell me a decent pool room to go and play one pocket or straight pool here in the area... Thanks Bille
  7. WGCP

    Beeswax or bondo?

    When I recovered my table I filled all the holes and joints with beeswax. Yet as I read the posts on this, most of you have used bondo, or a similar compound. Was this a mistake?:confused: