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  1. chicagocheo73

    BCC Build my next Case

    This Guy Build my next Custom Case with Inlays/Laser/Wood like my Vollmer Player Will post Some pixs soon :) Here is his FB Account : Python...
  2. chicagocheo73

    lkf Radial Laminated Blanks for Handle

    lkf Radial Laminated Blanks for Handle (4,6 or 8 time laminated) around 15usd - 20usd thx HOMS
  3. chicagocheo73

    FS: Tournament Poster 1994 Gordon´s

    I want so sell a tournament poster from 1994. The 9-ball championship was held in Santa Monica on August 12&13. The best 10 woman player played the 50.000 US$ tournament at Gotham Hall. ALL PLAYERS SIGNED the poster for example: Robin Bell (winner), Ewa Mataya (second), Janett Lee, Vivian V...
  4. chicagocheo73

    Looking for a shop like Prather

    i am looking for a shop like prather who sells Blanks like Prather or Schmelke thx
  5. chicagocheo73

    Bert Schrager custom cue

    Hello, I like to sell a Bert Schrager custom Cue. Its a six pointer with cocobolo and orange wood. It has a stainless steel joint and two shafts. Only one shaft was played to test the cue. It weights 20oz. It was build 20 Years ago by Bert himself. Unfortunatly during this time period Bert had...
  6. chicagocheo73

    Centennial cue case tooled leather NEW!!!!

    Hello, I like to sell this very nice Centennial Cue case. It matches directly to one of the cues from RB. This case is new old stock. It was never used. I bought it a long long time ago and just opened the shipping box to take the pictures. Probably you will not find this case in this condition...
  7. chicagocheo73

    LF: bit slice for the circular saw to make the veneers

    So know i want to know where i can get the bit slice for the circular saw to make the veneers (like V-groove)???? thx
  8. chicagocheo73

    WTB Cue Building Book´s or DVD´s

    some like this: thx
  9. chicagocheo73

    LTB best shaft wood

    i like to try some different shaft woods looking for Lake Shaft Wood i try to contact Timeless Timber but they do not answer :o( maybe some one can send me some shaft wood (x3) my first order was: Grade AAA Superb SNO-WHITE x 3 by joe (cue component) next?????? thx
  10. chicagocheo73

    ???WTB BK2 Partial shaft???

    or send me pls info where i can get it thx guys
  11. chicagocheo73

    WTB a cheap BK2 shaft

    looking for a bk2 shaft if u got a partial or used shaft let me know thx HOMS
  12. chicagocheo73

    wtb cheap schon

    looking for a cheap (300) schon cue (for break) i like a ebony forearm and but thx
  13. chicagocheo73

    WTB Books and DVD?s

    Need dvd and books for building cues or tips where i can get it thx
  14. chicagocheo73

    Wtb the best BREAK TIP (Predator Phenolic and Carbon Fiber???)

    I need a break tip I like the ferrule, Phenolic and Carbon Fiber construction from predator maybe some one can sell it or give me a tip where i can get it thx
  15. chicagocheo73

    show me your billiard tattoo

    show me your tattoo need some inspiration for my next tattoo cya HOMS if you like send me on thx
  16. chicagocheo73

    Instroke Classic Case 1,5 Year old

    Hi, i am selling a Instroke classic case that is 1,5 year old and in good condition. It fits 3 butts and 5 joints. The Price is 350€. Pictures below:
  17. chicagocheo73

    WTB: a Breaking shaft like X-Breaker or BK2

    looking for a Breaking shaft for my Sch?n cue new or better used thx
  18. chicagocheo73

    wtb poison cues

    i need two VX player and one ST2 + shipping to germany all new cya HOMS
  19. chicagocheo73

    WTB BK2 shaft

    WTB BK2 shaft (used) pls send me pics and price on email thx cya HOMS