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  1. greenlight

    Fix A-joint?

    I have a custom cue that was built in '97. and has developed a rattle. The cue maker has since retired. I believe the problem is in the A-joint, and if i understand correctly, fixing the a-joint would require cutting the handle and putting a new handle on. I am curious about how much this would...
  2. greenlight

    Mini Tourny @ Cuesportz

    I thought i would try something different tonight and start a small "4" man tourney tonight. With any luck, it should fill up fast, and move right along. Sign up and lets see if we can finish one of these tonight!
  3. greenlight

    Great Shots! Under preasure!

    I think this is one of the most exciting aspects of pool, right up there with, and sometimes next too, winning a big tournament. I dont mean great shots you can make at the practice table all the time, i'm talking about the ones that you make in the heat of battle when it counts. Could be a...
  4. greenlight

    Another balance point question?

    I may be thinking way to far into this, but here it goes anyway. Lets say you have two cues that are the same weight, and have the same balance point. Is it possible for one to feel more front heavy, or butt heavy, than the other depending on how it was built? By placing the weight in different...
  5. greenlight

    Dings and scratchs.....table?

    I remember my first cue ever got beat up pretty good while i was learning to play. It was a clumsy era of dropping it on the floor, baniging into the table, counter, light,etc.. Time has passed, I'm getting better at pool and getting nicer cues. I have learned to handle cues more carefully and...
  6. greenlight

    VNEA Thoughts.

    This is my first year in any league so i have nothing to compare it to. There are things i like and there are a few thing i think they need to work on. From day one, i was shocked at how little pool we got to play. 4 man teams, you play each opponent 1 game for a total of 4 games a night, once a...
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    I just got some new masters chalk and it seems moist, almost like it wipes on the tip. Do you think this make a difference in how it does its job? Someone said i should dry it out. Does this really increase chalks performance? I heard that Johnny Archer Likes to use old pre-flag chalk. Chalk...
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    Burl wood

    It seems that burl wood is getting more popular for cues, either that or it always has been an im just now noticing. Anyway, its beautiful wood and makes for a nice cue. I guess my question is, is there any concern about its stability. Is it harder, the same, or easier to find a piece that sill...
  9. greenlight

    DCC buyback option

    ??? Never heard of this before. So to clarify, the DCC is a single elimination tourny, but each player can 'opt' to buy back into the one lose side. So if your on the one lose side and the loser from the winners side does not 'buyback', you get a bye, or two, or...?? seems like it would...
  10. greenlight

    Banking with the Beard

    Recently got this book and love it. I bank with a lot more confidence now that i understand how spin, speed, cloth, temp, humidity, ect..... affects banking. There is so much good info in this book, not to mention some good stories too, i dont see how it can not improve anyone's game. Thanks Mr...
  11. greenlight

    J Pechauer wrapless

    Older J Pechauer custom cue. In perfect condition. Butt-14.99oz Perfectly straight when rolling and looking under. Shaft-3.98oz Bigger than 12.75mm on my template, i would guess 12.8mm New triangle tip put on by Pechauer. Straight. For those as picky as i am, when rolling and looking under there...
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    cue table test
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    test pic

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    test link
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    Bad Action

    If there is such a thing as gambling etiquette, what are the does and donts? Example: I always heard you shouldn't quit someone winner. Is it bad to quit even?
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    pm's not working?

    i tried to send a pm to someone and it routed me to my inbox were it says " 0 sent items ". any ideas?
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    I am interested in buying a used diamond smart table. what will i have to pay?