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    Minimum distance between tables?

    What is the minimum distance to have between bar tables. Thanks for any help.
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    How many barboxes can I fit?

    I just bought a bar and am wondering how may barboxes I can fit in a space that is 31 feet by 22 feet. Any help would be appreciated. I'm hoping at least 3 tables. Thanks.
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    Joe Rogan on the mic SVB/Earl

    Justin tweeted a few hours ago. Rogan is on the mic friday. This should be cool.
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    4 Dale Perry Cues for sale

    These are brand new never hit cues. All roll straight together and apart. Top 2 are 20oz. Bottom 2 are 19oz. All cues have adjustable weight bolts in the butt. All come with one 12.75mm shaft and Lepro tip. All have radial pin style joint Looking for $145 ea. and $15.00 shipping CON. US Paypal...
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    Looking for a mech. in Vegas

    I have a 8 ft. 3 piece 1 inch slate table. Looking to get seams finished, leveled and recovered. There are also holes in the slate from the factory that if you run a ball down the rails the ball will hop. The guy who set it up obviously didn't know what he was doing. I really want a diamond bar...
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    3 Dale Perry Cues for sale

    These are all brand new Dale Perry cues all weigh 19oz. and 13mm shafts with Lepro tips. Trying to clear out my collection. The bottom one is sold already NEW LOWERED PRICE I'm looking for $145.00 each + $15.00 shipping conUS I have 217 Ebay transactions 100% feedback and have done a few...
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    Tips for one-handed playing

    I'm having surgery tomorrow to reattach my right bicep. Luckily, I'm a lefty otherwise I'd be out of the pool scene for awhile. I play ok one-handed on the rail. Just wondering if anyone had any tips for jacked up one-handed play. Thats my weak point. Thanks in advance. Joe
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    Pool Cloth?

    Just wondering if Championship Invitational Teflon cloth is ok. Also if the euro blue is close to the COLOR of Simonis tourney blue. Any other recommendations on a cheaper cloth would be fine also. What do you guys recommend for filling seems in slate? Bondo or beeswax? Thanks in advance for...
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    Efren on the stall???

    Sorry if this has been posted, but I just stumbled upon it.
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    FS Predator BK2 w/Linen wrap

    I have a predator BK2 w/black linen wrap for sale. Pretty sure its 19.5 oz. Not sure if there is anyway to tell without a scale. Has not been used much original tip on it. I play a lot of one pocket so really don't use it much. I'm looking for $280 w/ shipping and insurance CONUS. I don't have...
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    Loose stainless sleeve on my DP cue?

    I have a DP cue I got off of Ebay. Basically my bar cue. The stainless sleeve that slides over the joint came loose. Can I just super glue this from say the bottom to not effect the joint facing? I have not been able to find a good cue repair/cue maker in Las Vegas yet. Any help would be...
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    Do you aim the same for cut shots?

    Any help would be appreciated. I usually aim down the shaft of my cue, but I've been having problems with thin cut shots. If its cross table it seems like if I get up over the table I have better luck making it. Any suggestions? Is there a different height you should have over the cue for...
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    Advice for this 9-ball shot?

    I had this nine-ball shot this past league night. Thought you guys could help. I know its a scratch, I'm just wondering how other people would play it. I really didn't know the best move so I tried the poke and hope method. Didn't work and set it up for my oppenent. Thanks for any help...
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    What matchup you would like to see?

    I'd like to see Jesse Bowman and Chip Compton 9-ball, barbox. Race to maybe 50 or higher. These guys both play fast and are good. Learned of both these guys from recent and archive matches from Bigtruck.
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    Did Bartram miss his match with Shane?

    Looks like Chris missed his match. 11-0 with SVB
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    Problem with Laptop live stream?

    Just wondering if you guys could help. Whenever there is movement the picture pixelates. Here's the specs on my laptop and this only happens on BIGTRUCK streams. Satellite A660-BT2N23 Laptop base laptop includes: ■Intel® Core™ i3-370M Processor ■Genuine Windows® 7 Home Premium ■4GB DDR3...