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  1. pool_rob9

    McDermott em5cs masterpiece with case

    $1500 obo Prototype (the s-special) Masterpiece em5c. Only one shaft has ever hit balls and it is less than 100 total. Still has the original McDermott tips. Made before the quick release. Stainless joint with all original joint protectors. One of a kind. Will not find another em5c like...
  2. pool_rob9

    Gold Crown II questions

    I just bought a GC2 and I am recovering/recushioning it and I had a few questions on parts and instalation. 1. I wanted to replace the superspeed with artemis and am not sure on the profile to buy. 66 or 55. I think 55 but am not sure. Pretty sure the profile is K55 but am not sure if the...