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  1. ScottK

    Old Adams Cue

    A buddy acquired this cue recently. Anyone have ideas as to the age, value, or model number? Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. ScottK

    WTT: OB Classic - Radial

    Recently purchased the OB Classic in this thread, but I'm much more a fan of the hit of the OB-2. If anyone is interested in a trade PM me. Prefer an OB-2 in Radial, but would consider an OB-1 and possibly even another pin. TRADED Thanks.
  3. ScottK

    Stop recommending Players HXT?

    Curious as to the thoughts of anyone who 'd like to chime in. I had the tip on my HXT skinny shaft replaced this week by a local cue repair guy. While trimming the new tip, the tenon on the HXT shaft snapped. Without consulting me, the repair guy cut a new tenon and installed a new ferrule...
  4. ScottK

    "Think three balls ahead" is horrible advice.

    I thought about posting this to the "Pool Secrets" thread; it's not really a secret. Many people are aware of it, some do it, but most really don't. I thought about commenting in JohnnyT's thread when he said "if you're not getting out start thinking three balls ahead" or something to that...
  5. ScottK

    An apology

    I owe a sincere apology to pool, mostly to those present at Chris's yesterday. Having done what I could at the time to make it right, and feeling as I did so successfully, I think the details are better left unsaid. Embarrassingly however, at one point yesterday, I failed to call a foul on...
  6. ScottK

    Cue Ball Kelly Cue info, please?

    A buddy of mine is seeking any information anyone might have regarding this Cue Ball Kelly cue. Manufacturer? Value? Any information anyone could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. ScottK

    What warrants negative iTrader feedback?

    Without going into detail other than to say this was a $45 deal, and the cue can be purchased brand new, shipped for $66 online, so we're not talking big money here: Would you say listing this cue as "like new" when it has three large dings and a crack in the finish in and of itself is grounds...
  8. ScottK

    Four chalk threads on the first page!

    In honor of there being four threads on the main page about chalk, which probably isn't even a record, I thought I'd share these pictures:
  9. ScottK

    Gilbert Jump /Break... opinions please

    Just thought I'd share some pictures of a jump/break cue I received recently from Andy and ask for some opinions on a small issue with the cue. The cue turned out really nice. I like the grain in the ebony and it's a nice piece of bloodwood but the ring work was supposed to be bloodwood, like...
  10. ScottK

    Bonus Ball Live Stream is Free All Weekend

    For anyone interested.
  11. ScottK

    Viking QR joint

    Hey guys, I believe all Viking QR joints are 5/16x18, but I certainly do not know for sure. For anyone who does: Has Viking ever used another thread count on their QR joint? Has anyone ever had any issue using a standard 5/16x18 shaft on a Viking QR joint pin? Will it even fit? Planning on...
  12. ScottK

    10.5 Straight Rotation

    10.5 Straight Rotation ( is a new game Allen Hopkins Jr. has, or at least was, developing. The Facebook page ( has only 59 likes and seems to have been abandoned by Allen. Actually, by everyone. A couple of buddies...