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  1. NINEBALL2727

    Sold Gulyassy Playing Cue & Jump/Break Cue

    Is the sledgehammer still available?
  2. NINEBALL2727

    ****WANTED**** Predator 5/16x18 flat faced shaft

    *disregard the 3/8x10 post...posting this for a friend and he was mistaken about the pin size. This for a sneaky pete cue. Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  3. NINEBALL2727

    Wanted Predator Z2 3/8x10 shaft for flat faced sneaky Pete

    My name is Jason and my number is (281) 967-2105 Sent from my iPhone using AzBilliards Forums
  4. NINEBALL2727

    Almost new Predator 314/2 quick release shaft

    I think it has a milk dud on it for those of you who would like to know.
  5. NINEBALL2727

    F/S Jim Pierce Bacote w/Maple Handle

    F/S Jim Pierce Bacote w/linen wrap ***********PRICE DROP---$100 off************!!!!!!!!!!!!$250!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OBO Sorry the cue doesn't have a maple handle, it has a black with brown speck linen wrap.
  6. NINEBALL2727

    For Sale--Barely used Predator 314 2, 5/16 18_29" Black collar,Flat Face,No Ring

    My girlfriend likes the old Predator shaft better so I have to let go of this one. Practically Brand New. Killer soft tip put on by Ron Geyer because she didn't like the Tiger Everest. (Bad move I think) Anyways asking $180. Retails for $254. Jason 832-641-5807
  7. NINEBALL2727

    Custom Inlaid Predator Sneaky Pete -by the late Annie O

    REDUCED!!!!!!!!!!!Custom Inlaid Predator Sneaky Pete -by the late Annie O This was a Predator sneaky pete blank that she put her own custom inlays into. She made four altogether but only one with this design. It has one of her low deflection custom shafts with it as well, along the same lines...
  8. NINEBALL2727

    WTT- for mid to high end Schon / Danny Stout- New finish, wrap, and 2 Predator shafts

    Mint condition Danny Stout cue. It comes with 2 Predator shafts. One older and one brand new. I would like to trade for a mid to high end Schon with a Predator shaft if possible. If not it's okay. My number is 832-641-5807. My name is Jason.