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    Diamond Tables vs Predator Tables Poll

    Please vote only if you have played on both tables. WBCA is considering going from Diamond tables to Predator tables. Comments welcomed.

    WTB Andy Gilbert Cue with Iv**y

    Through a little research I have found out that Andy Gilbert cues have a little bigger butt than most cues today at around 1.28" thick. At 68 years old I prefer a bigger butt than today's standard. Being old school I also like iv**y joints and inlays. I am looking to spend up to 3.5k and...

    WTB Nitti Cue 2016 or newer

    No longer looking.

    When is a Cue Considered Warped?

    I recently didn't buy 1 3k cue because it was 15,000 out just above the leather wrap. Am I being too picky? I was told by nationally known cue maker that anything over 10,000 is a concern. Does playability come into consideration when its 10,000+ out? Should I expect a cue for 3k to be under...

    WTB Loaded Capone

    No longer looking.

    Sold Mezz EC9 Special Edition New (Test Hit Only)

    Mezz EC9 Special Edition New (Test Hit Only). 875.00 Shipped. Very hard to find. Retail on this is 980.00 LOWERED TO 775.00 SHIPPED. WILL CONSIDER TRADES UP OR DOWN. TRADE VALUE IS 900.00. SPECS: Butt: 29" 15.68 oz Paduak forearm/butt Joint: United Shaft: 29" 3.97 oz 12.50 mm WX Sigma Irish...

    Sold Old Joss Cue 1,500.00

    Old Joss cue. SOLD!

    Sold Pierce Cue 1,500.00 Shipped

    Pierce 58" purpleheart forearm and ebony points with 3 veneers 4 Point cue with leather wrap and 3 shafts. Straight together or apart. There is no ivory in this cue. I will sell the cue WITHOUT the keilwood shaft and 4" extension (no longer in pic) for 1,200.00 Shipped. NO TRADES Specs...

    "Artesia" Kenny Dodd Induction Western BCA Hall of Fame

    "Artesia" Kenny Dodd is being inducted into the Western BCA Hall of Fame on October 8th, 2022. Kenny is now 86 years old and I have found only one picture of him when he was young. If any AZB members have any pictures of Kenny Dodd please post them here! We want to do a short video for him.

    When is a cue considered Warped?

    I recently bought and returned a 2017 Manzino cue that my cue maker considered warped since it was 25,000 out just above of the wrap on the forearm. What is the general consensus of when a cue is considered warped?

    Turning Stone Classic a Seeded Tournament?

    Is the Turning Stone Classic a Seeded Tournament? The top 12 favorites all won and I assumed it was seeded and made a comment on FB. I may need to apologize.

    Danbuilt Six Point Cue 725.00 Shipped

    DanBuilt Six Point Cue 3 high and 3 low with 2 veneers in each point. Butt: 29" Completely straight. Although the finish is in good shape there are many little dings (see pics) and needs to be refinished to look great Shaft 1: 29" Very Slight wobble but certainly playable 12.00 MM Kamui...

    5 Ten Balls on the Break in 10 Games?

    What are the odds of a player making 5 10 Balls on the Break in 10 games? Same player did it again making 4 10 Balls on the Break in 10 games. Both sets the 10 Ball went in the same corner pocket. Very lucky or rigged rack? Please vote! (Both sets recorded)

    WTB Gold Crown 9' or Diamond 9' in Pacific NW

    Found one!

    WTB 9' Gold Crown IV or V

    Found one!

    Buyer Beware? How about Seller Offer Full Refund

    I have sold a few cues on AZB and I have always said: IF FOR ANY REASON you don't like the cue let me know within 48 hours of receipt for a refund. Buyer is responsible to return the cue Priority Mail. I don't care what reason a buyer wants to return the cue since I want the buyer to be happy...

    Pierce 4 Point 4 Veneer Ebony on Ebony

    Jim Pierce 4 point 4 Veneer Cue Ebony on Ebony Radial Pin Hoppe Ring (not ivory): Butt: 29" 16.00 oz Veneers: Maple, Brown, Blue & Purple Shaft 1: 29" 12.80 MM 4.1 oz (bowling alley shaft) Kamui SS Clear Tip Shaft 2: 29" 12.70 MM 3.9 oz (bowling alley shaft) Kamui SS Clear Tip Shaft 3: 29"...

    Harder 8' or 9' for 14.1 Straight Pool?

    Which is harder to run balls on playing 14.1 straight pool? 8 foot (standard or oversized) or 9 foot table. Please respond only if you have ran 100+ balls in straight pool since real experience counts.

    WTB Jim Pierce Cue

    Looking for a Jim Pierce Ebony or purple heart forearm. FOUND ONE!

    WTB Cousins cue 4+ points with veneers

    WTB Cousins cue 4+ points with Veneers 3/8 10 pin and no stainless steel joint.