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  1. pt109

    Amber Chen beats Allison Fisher in Canada

  2. pt109

    Anybody want to play Alex….

    Now is a good time….scooter accident.
  3. pt109

    Mike Page

    The Ko bros and Wu is no longer in the top hundred. Gotta be something I don’t know about Fargo
  4. pt109

    Happy birthday, Danny Diliberto

    87 today
  5. pt109

    Game changer at the DCC

    If you hang it, it’s as good as making it
  6. pt109

    Honoring Efren

  7. pt109

    Valley table

    Seven foot Le Spot billiards...416-298-2888 $750
  8. pt109

    Pags and Gorst match postponed.

    Fedor has a health problem.
  9. pt109

    She’s back!!!!

    Jeanette is playing pool....and her hair is growing back.
  10. pt109

    Shane Van Boening back on top

    Shane is number one in Fargo....829....Joshua Filler second at 828
  11. pt109


    There’s something unusual about the Meucci....I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before
  12. pt109

    A tense match

    Sanchez vs Leppens I‘m used to watching matches on Verhoven...lately it’s been Gabriel’s...and I’m seeing more traffic... ...I’ve seen a few matches lately where players are getting kissed it the the table change?
  13. pt109

    Barbox behemoths

    I’m not a fan of small tables or long, drawn out matches, but Dennis and Sky got my attention. it was an exciting match....and I’m sure there will be a rematch...150-145 is hardly a slaughter. Sky made the scene even more vibrant by calling out SVB.....Shane is up for it...with a side bet...
  14. pt109

    Getting hit by a Semih

    Semih Sayginer wins a match 40-0 in seven of 22
  15. pt109

    Happy birthday....

    AZhousepro....have a great day, Mike....and thanx for putting up with us.
  16. pt109

    One of my favorite pics...

    Kobayashi, Zanetti, Ceulemans
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  18. pt109

    Shoot again

    I would like to see straight pool and one pocket use the option of saying ‘shoot again’ after any foul. Thoughts?