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  1. bmsclayton

    The Players Club and Justin Bergman breaking records. 12/5/22 about 7 pm live on fb stlplayersclub

    We are closing our location but won’t stop streaming and doing pool stuff!!! Justin is going to break and run a 20-30 pack Tuesday night and put on a fun show for us before we go. Prob some more magic for us too. Please come join us and have some fun. Thanks for everything. Giving a bunch of...
  2. bmsclayton

    The Players Club July 30-31 $2000 added stl MO

    We are open at our new location and ready to rock! In just a week we paid out over $3000 in daily tournaments. This is race to 4 - 8 ball open with tiered entry fees. Side pots and Calcutta. Anyone can play have to be a member for the added money portion. Just $20 per month and includes great...
  3. bmsclayton

    The Players Club Open 8 ball July 30-31 Entry $10-$10,000. Pay what you want.

    TPC3 is opening July 5th and we will have tournaments, events, a singles league almost every day! This will be 11 am arrival with a 12 noon start on July 30. Pro Players / Champions can get travel assistance and more. (Anytime-ask Fedor, Efren, Kristina, Carlo, Roland, and so many more) Hotel...
  4. bmsclayton

    The Players Club with Fedor Gorst&Kristina Tkach vs Justin Bergman and AZ Jay on live MAY30/31 one pocket and ten ball.

    Live tonight and tomorrow night we have a really fun doubles action match up. AZ Jay is our local favorite guy and a 700 Fargo but a real all around player. Bergman is a world class player and Fedor is a World Champion. Kristina plays outstanding pool and an incredible teacher. Can’t wait to see...
  5. bmsclayton

    The Players Club with Carlo Biado and Roland Garcia Jan 30/31

    Ran into Roland Garcia at the Derby and he introduced me to Carlo. We all chatted and They are coming to St. Louis! Mark Wilson's new format is CrAZy fun!!! 4 racks of 15 ball run out and 3 matches of 9 ball in a teams event. We all love one pocket and have some little action at the Club and...
  6. bmsclayton

    The Players Club & The Fedor Gorst Experience and Mark Wilson Jan 16-18

    Fedor is coming back to TPC and we fell in love with Mark Wilson's new format and well Mark himself. So we are going to do another Training tournament style with a little action and a lot of fun. Each Player will play 4 racks of 15 ball going for the elusive QUAD Placed in the 9 ball Format...
  7. bmsclayton

    The Players Club and Efren Reyes $500 entry One Pocket Jan 11/12.

    This format is crazy fun. The call outs and action are nuts and I can’t wait. Please join the stream and also get to see The Fedor Gorst Experience! 16-19th Can also go back and see all of our great Mark Wilson footage. Thank you!!!! Stlplayersclub The Players Club on F B
  8. bmsclayton

    The Players Club and Mark Wilson Present ...1/5 Wed HUGE 7 vs 7 US Team Billiards

    Mark has been developing this concept and we are about to showcase it to the World! He personally has came to our place to train our guys twice in the last ten days so we can put up a good fight against his players who are training all week for this. This format will continue to grow and be...
  9. bmsclayton

    The Players Club 12/21 and 1/5 and 1/1-1/12 Mark Wilson and Efren Reyes

    Become a Supporter on The Players Club FB page and all of these events in the next 30 days and probably more. TODAY 12/21 - Mark Wilson is coming in to train our TeamTPC and a few more in 15 ball for our huge match 1/5. This has to be worth $20 watching Mark train top players and interact...
  10. bmsclayton

    The Players Club 1/11-1/12 Efren Reyes Action One Pocket Tourn $500 entry

    Jan 11-12 we are holding a $500 entry 8 man one pocket tournament with our locals and Efren Reyes. We match up each individual match based on wanting to give weight not get it. Action awards given for best action, Least Nitty Farthest Finish, and more. I gave out $1000 to our last one. First...
  11. bmsclayton

    The Players Club 10/4-10/5 presents Fedor Gorst vs Devin Poteet race to 16 One Pocket.

    I can’t wait for another top one hole match. If you don’t know then you should definitely watch. Devin is a very solid one pocket player and Fedor never misses. Classic shooter vs knowledge. On Facebook thru our Supporter page. Just $20 per month for all of our best action and give aways!
  12. bmsclayton

    The Players Club AZ Jay vs Brady Behrman Tonight on FB live . Ricky Evans commentary

    Join us for two of our areas top amateur players battle it out for a fourth time. Junior champ Ricky Evans and Brendan on commentary
  13. bmsclayton

    The Players Club-Ghorst/Bergman/Kristina Tkach/Poteet 7/19-7/26

    Welcome Everyone! We Live Stream great stuff all the time. 4-5 nights of Bergman and friends per week on average. $20 month to be a supporter and see our best stuff and biggest action. Also access to discounts, autographs, giveaways Thank you to all who Follow us This is a lot of fun
  14. bmsclayton

    Bergman / Poteet One Hole 6/15-6/17 @The Players Club stl

    Non stop action on the Supporter only Facebook channel of The Players Club. Race to 16 , 8 ea day , live with Commentary ea night. $20 per month! July features Fedor and Kristina with Justin Bergman. Always working on more to! last month Efren Reyes. We have had Fedor, JHall, Saez, Harriman...
  15. bmsclayton

    May 19-20 Efren Reyes vs Justin Bergman 15 ball Rotation and One Pocket

    I can never top this event so please come join us at The Players Club Supporter only stream to see this. It is $20 per month and we do some great streams every week including Justin Bergman and anyone we get here. We have had Fedor Ghorst, Justin Hall, Roland Garcia, Joey Gray, Sarah Rousey...
  16. bmsclayton

    The Players Club-April 9/10 Sarah Rousey busting TeamTPC , Justin Bergman and more

    The Players Club located in St.Louis MO is putting on some fun new stuff every day it feels like.Sarah Rousey coming to bust TeamTPC. Several action matches lined up including our House Pro Justin Bergman, Clubhouse Pro King Ryan Last month Fedor Gorst and I’m begging every champ I can find to...
  17. bmsclayton

    The Players Club -Live tonight and most nights. Alex Saputo vs Fast Joey

    Hello and welcome to our stream. We go live on FB most nights with a mix of games and skill levels. Everything from Justin Bergman giving up the nuts to C players playing even. Join us tonight or any night as it is a fun little community we have going. Brendan Sullivan
  18. bmsclayton

    The Players Club - Bergman vs Behrman 1/2 @ 7 PM Race to 50

    We will be live with a great match up this Saturday night! Justin Bergman giving 15 games in a race to 50 to Brady Berhman Brady ran 16 including an opening 5 in his last race to 50 Justin laughs and says he is running an 11 . Also threatening to give the ghost 15 on 20. Magic rack 9 ball...
  19. bmsclayton

    The Players Club - 12/13 MM series Race to 50. Brady Behrman vs Austin Summers -6pm

    Can't wait to talk to you guys during this match! Brady put on a great show last night winning the first game then running a 5 pack to open! About 16 out of 50 he BNR. This one is 10 ball and a new hot young opponent. Cant wait to see Austin Summers play live. Join John Pirkey and I on...
  20. bmsclayton

    Sat-10/17/20 Women's Challenge @The Players Club in STL Sat,10/17 7 pm

    We have a really fun match of two extremely dedicated female players from our area in St. Louis, MO. They both support local venues, leagues, and tournaments. Jump on the stream and chat and check out our place and this great match up. We mostly sell JB cases and have about 25-50 in stock...