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  1. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Fargorate handicapped-with alt breaks.

    Looking for some opinions on this. The one tournament near me that reports to fargorate is run this way. Fargorate handicapped with alternating breaks. It’s always full with rates ranging from 400 to 700. But it just seems unfair to have it handicapped and alternating breaks. The best players...
  2. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Felt colors

    If anyone is worried about the felt colors. You’d better hope Coca Cola doesn’t sponsor any American tournaments. From 2009…
  3. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Tipping your host.

    You walk into a hall and ask for a game. Should you tip the house guy for setting it up?
  4. Willowbrook Wolfy

    A lot of Facebook live action

    Is the Facebook Live pool scene getting bigger by anyone else? One of the guys out here started a tournament site streaming some matches from a weekly tournament and started having Friday night Fight nights. $500 a set minimum. Televised on Facebook. Longer races. There are a lot of SL5’s and...
  5. Willowbrook Wolfy

    The bangers are getting better

    Is it just me or are the bangers getting better with time? Seems like 20 yrs ago there were less people running racks than there are now. At least around these parts. Is it the smaller tables everyone is switching to, APA? Who knows. And then to top it off more and more the “banger” isn’t the...
  6. Willowbrook Wolfy

    A little help with my stroke

    What am I doing wrong here? Maybe someone can help. Do I need to change my whole stance? Bend at the knees more maybe? My stroke is great until I need to put some gusto on it. Then it gets a bit squirrelly unless I shorten my backstroke a lot. I think my shoulder is too high. Is that the...
  7. Willowbrook Wolfy

    USAM Amateur Tournament (APA)

    Anyone else sign up for this? I’m a bit confused. Does anyone know more than what’s listed on their page? The preliminaries are ran in September this year and the actual tournament isn’t until next November. Will there be more qualifiers between September and the tournament? A year between...
  8. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Racking your own in money games

    I hate rack your own. I can understand in tournament play. If you are racking funny you probably get caught. Lately I’m running into more players wanting to play for something. But half of them want “rack your own”. When gambling I hate racking my own. Feels like a loss and gets me out of...
  9. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Easy ball or hard one

    So you are playing 8. Your opponent breaks dry. You scan the table. Now you have a choice. Take a harder shot to open with an easy out on the stripes. In your mind you are pretty much guaranteed to get the out if you make the opener. Or take the solids. Solids are an easy open with a more...
  10. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Where to start with kick shots?

    Serious question. It just seems easier to make 2/3 rail kicks than 1 railers for me. My bank game is stronger than most. I have no problem banking balls. Is that normal? Or did I just skip the basics again? A little more in depth on this is when there is a kick shot out there I’ll see the 2/3...
  11. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Stroke limit/skill apex

    I was talking to a guy on my league team the other day. He practices all the time and has played for a good number of years. He’s not old. In his 30’s. APA 5/6. He is under the impression that he will never get any better no matter how much he practices. He said in a sense he knows how to do it...
  12. Willowbrook Wolfy

    8 ball WWYD

    Well 8 ball you’re solids. 5 is straight in about 1/2-3/4 5 ball under side pocket. What would you do?
  13. Willowbrook Wolfy

    2 Adams stardust cues

    Butts roll ok. 1 almost perfect other just a slight wobble(less than my normal player)I don’t know how to explain any better. Darker one on left is 19oz. Finish is ok on it. It’s the one that rolls almost perfect. Lighter one on right is 18oz. Finish is onlyfair on it. Has slight wobble near...
  14. Willowbrook Wolfy

    9 ball wwyd

    Playing 9. You are on the 7. WWYD?
  15. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Question for pool instructors

    It seems like a lot of beginner/intermediate players punch at the ball a lot. I’ve been playing a long time and still do it sometimes. Probably a lot of players do. Would it actually help with follow through by maybe grabbing like a 25oz break cue to shoot with for a while? Seems like that...
  16. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Why can’t I just get better?

    Getting better at 9 and worse at 8. It’s frustrating as all hell. I could always run out 8 ball tables like nothing. Now I can’t run any. It’s that damn thing called shape. I used to just break out and bash all the balls in 8. Bend them to my will. Now stupid here is trying to go around 4...
  17. Willowbrook Wolfy

    WTB 18 oz Dufferin house cue pinned

    Looking for a standard 18oz Dufferin house cue cut in half and pinned(cleaned up near joint) wood to wood. Not the commercial one. not looking for it to be tapered just want my favorite breaker to be easier to carry. Preferably a straight one btw.
  18. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Maybe carbon fiber shafts arent so expensive.

    Sent in my cue to Viking for a new vpro shaft-msrp $139. Sounds cheap right? By the time I was done it cost me $285 plus shipping to Viking. So $300. maybe cfs aren’t so bad price wise. Get what you like. Another $100 gets me cfs that’s probably not gonna warp. And I’d probably have a hell of a...
  19. Willowbrook Wolfy

    What a difference the break makes.

    Hey. I’m in a post/edit/delete mood tonight. So I’ll make it short and sweet. I didn’t realize how much difference a good 9 ball break makes until recently. After working on my break it’s actually fun to practice 9 now. I’ve always been an 8 ball smash them up kind of guy. That’s the way I...
  20. Willowbrook Wolfy

    Action anyone?

    What are we playing?