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  1. meridianblades

    Walnut BURL -PRO stabilized (Sets and Pieces)

    These sold out fast last batch, so if ur interested shoot me a PM. No holds. Couple are super wide billets. (17D) for example. SETS: Pieces / Segments set:
  2. meridianblades

    Afzelia Burl Stabilized

    Afzelia burl. Thanks for looking
  3. meridianblades

    Few of mine

    Pic from 2017...
  4. meridianblades

    Burls / Flame / Quilted

    Some of these are marked by length. Some sets in there, and if you have questions please send me a PM. All professionally stabilized and / or dyed by the best in the biz. Thanks for checking them out.
  5. meridianblades

    New Years GWP - Long Quilted w/ extras

    Sold out.. PM if I can help you with any other stabilized pieces.
  6. meridianblades

    Wider Billets - Specs in Pics

    Walnut burl professionally stabilized. Wider than normal,,,, cut as you see fit. If interested send a PM, thanks for looking !
  7. meridianblades

    Shelby Williams - Top Notch

    Shelby killed it with these two. ALL burl and cored too. Beautiful work....
  8. meridianblades

    Curls / Quilt / Tulip - Ready to go

    Mango 22.75 and quilted maple 19... pro stabilized by the best in biz. Figure speaks for itself... Hollar if you are interested. NOTE: I also have some tulipwood pieces.... can get pics if interested You can text me @ 612-314-5405 as well.
  9. meridianblades

    Cut your own - Walnut Billet

    Thanks all
  10. meridianblades

    Wango Mango

    Thanks all
  11. meridianblades

    Walnut Burl, Quilted and Segments

    Thanks all
  12. meridianblades

    Sickles - Koa and Ebony

    Sickles... with sick Koa from the shop. My favorite kind of cue, elegant and not over done. 60 incher. Thanks to Jim For his great work on this one.
  13. meridianblades

    Hot Pink and Ebony.

  14. meridianblades

    Full Splice Build Ideas

    Design question for those that build full splice cues. What would you put with this stuff? This teal green burl is almost 24 long and would be the main part of the butt, and then something light? Veneer Colors ? Birdseye maple, Holly, Something orange to match the orange splotches in the...
  15. meridianblades

    Green and Teal Goodness

  16. meridianblades

    Green and Teal Goodness

    nothing to see here... gone
  17. meridianblades

    Gold Burl Sets

    nothing to see here..... gone
  18. meridianblades

    PFD / AR Blanks

    Mail call today from Paul F. Drexler…. Build history = Materials (Koa, Ebony and Amboyna burl) from my shop to Andrew Rounceville, and those blanks then went to Paul. I'm not a photographer or video guy, but I tried..... Have a great weekend everyone !!!