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    WTB: Leather case

    Looking for a 2x3 or 2x4 hard case or a butterfly case.
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    WTB: Looking for a break cue

    Found please delete Delete found one Want to pick up a break cue have around 160 to spend. Thanks Mid
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    looking for cheaper cue

    Long story but I will make it short. So my brother inlaw is a bit slow 35 yr old dishwasher. Anyhow hes been playing on my team for a session now. And really likes it, but he left his cue unattended and it grew legs. Basically he has 100 dollars to spend. I will throw in a little extra if need...
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    WTB: Cue Predator or w/Predator shaft 500

    My brother inlaw is looking to buy a cue. He is looking for either a predator cue or a cue with a predator shaft. Wants to spend around 500 Might be interested in the willie hoppe predator with case. Just let me know what you have. Thanks Steve
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    shaft question

    What do you think or ever heard of a hickory shaft? Basically i have a full set of golf clubs from 1900-1920 with hickory shafts. I am not a wood expert like some of you. Just thought they might work for shafts. What is your oppinion? thanks mid
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    Patrick Custom Cues

    Wanted to put in a few weeks of shooting before reviewing the cue. After many hours of using the cue here is my thoughts. The playabilty of the cue cannot get any better. Doug makes a players cue for sure. I would consider the cue to have very low deflection. In all honestly i loved my predator...
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    Anyone know where i can find a bumper for a older viking? Any help would be great. Thanks Mid
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    Ping Pong on tv!!! Huge prize

    Just cant believe im watching this. Never would have guessed $100k purse.
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    cocobolo with curly maple points

    Should have completed pictures up in about three weeks or so. Here is a picture of the rings.
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    wtb predator bk2 w/sport grip

    A teammate is looking for a used bk2 with sport grip. Let me know what u guys have. Thanks mid
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    WTB sterling saddle case

    Please delete
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    cocobolo with curly maple points

    I will post more pics when complete. Being built by patrick custom cues.
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    Good luck or bad luck?

    Over the weekend i played in a local tourny. After my first match at noon someone spills a drink on me. So the side of my sweatshirt is soaked. My next match is scheduled at four. I call my wife and tell her to get me a fresh shirt out and i will be there in a bit. As im walking out to head to...
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    WTB: Entry level cue

    OK here is the deal. My buddy and i are putting together a team with nothing but family. His father has hit a little rough patch so we put in some cash for him a cue. We came up with 100 dollars. So what would be a decent cue for this price? Or does anyone have one in this range? I could use my...
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    Could use some help with cue id

    Person has it for sale online. Seller says no brand on it and hes had it for long time. Also he rolled on carpet to make sure it was straight lmao. Guy only wants ten bucks but the 45 min drive is what i dont like.
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    First time playing on a diamond

    Well took the five hour trip to shooters in olathe. Had the opportunity to shoot on a diamond smart table 7'. My word i dont want to shoot on anything else ever again!!! Only had hour to kill so did not get to use the 9' tables. Guess i will have to make another trip lol. IMHO it is the best...
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    Where is everyone from?

    Thought it would be a good idea to find out where people are located. Maybe help people get together to shoot some. My location Granite city,IL
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    Curly maple

    Well we have the birds eye thread now lets see some curly maple.
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    Merry widow cue

    Just curious what is about the average price to have a custom made. Materials bocote and bem with very plain ring work. bem forearm and butt sleeve, bocote grip, No ivory joints or but caps.
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    cue idea

    Just curious if anyone has done something like this? And i know the drawings are horrible suck with computers. And i know the colors are not the same shades lol not very good with paint. If it would look horrible let me know also. Im not having a stick done like this just want to see if anyone...