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  1. rigmaster

    💎MONSTER Ebony & Burl Paul Mottey💎

    Beautiful cue!
  2. rigmaster

    Hi Eric not been on Az in years many are gone hope all is well my friend

    Hi Eric not been on Az in years many are gone hope all is well my friend
  3. rigmaster

    Rare Loaded Murray Tucker

    Man the market sucks this is a great price on a Tucker
  4. rigmaster

    Gus Szamboti

    Barry has his fathers book and can look them up and yes Barry is the man to authenticate or repair his fathers cues shafts tend to be 3.7- 4.0+ but he was a custom maker I have several of his cues as well as his sons cues! This cue looks legit to me
  5. rigmaster

    Rare Danny Tibbitts 12-pointer, snakewood and BEM

    thought Bob bought it?
  6. rigmaster

    Sold FS: Ultra Rare & Fancy Gus Szamboti Ebony On Ebony w/ Ivory Joint

    SWEET CUE, gotta love the pilots don't look like Gus and they aren't any!
  7. rigmaster

    New Ron Thomas 1/2 - Szamboti Inlayed

    Thanks Brian I sent him a message and Troy has one posted $100 less if he still has it?
  8. rigmaster

    New Ron Thomas 1/2 - Szamboti Inlayed

    Do you still have it? I’m interested please pm
  9. rigmaster

    Sold Ron Thomas Szamboti Case

    Please pm best price I am interested!
  10. rigmaster

    Ron Thomas 1x2 Elephant in black

    Looking for a nice 1x2 Black Elephant Ron Thomas case!
  11. rigmaster

    Felini case Wanted

    I am looking for a really nice condition Fellini BLACK Sea Turtle and a BLACK Starburst or Interlock only in near mint condition! Please PM me if you have one or one of the fancier Fellini for my Ebony Gus! Thanks Ron
  12. rigmaster

    Mottey Bubinga points and forearm hoppe

  13. rigmaster

    Murray Tuckers Personal Player and Justis

    This one has Sold pending funds 2004 Rosewood Hoppe and Birdseye forearm 5/16-14 piloted stainless joint has 4 pcs Baxter caps it is a 58" cue everything is straight has cognac lizard wrap Brunswick brown bumper and original black bumper His Justis 2x4 tube style case in great condition...
  14. rigmaster

    Tibbetts Rosewood on Rosewood 5 Veneer Hoppe

    Here is a really nice Hoppe by Danny Tibbetts it is Rosewood on Rosewood Nice Elephant Ear wrap by Kenny Koo Black ,Orangeish Red , Purple, Lite Green, Natural veneers Ivory hoppe ring with Tibbetts engraved on it Bumperless Piloted 5/16 -14 Ivory Joint Butt is 15 oz 29" Shaft 1 is 29" 4.0 oz...
  15. rigmaster

    Hoppe Joint Protectors by Jim Baxter

    Here is a nice set of caps the 2 shaft caps are solid IVORY as long as an Ivory joint the Butt cap has the exposed weight bolt on top and the hoppe ring is IVORY which is an upgrade the 3 piece set is 5/16 - 14 piloted . I need SOLD pending funds ....for these shipped no trades PLease
  16. rigmaster

    Black Boar Cocobolo Caps by Alton

    Here is a Beautiful set of Cocobolo Joint Protectors made by Alton BB on top of all 3 caps 5/16 - 14 piloted need SOLD pending funds cash no trades please! I will ship them in the little velvet bags.The BB looks white in the pictures but it is really SILVER to match BB on the butt of my cue ...
  17. rigmaster

    Snakewood Ebony Tascarella Hoppe

    4 Point Snakewood into Ebony with 4 veneers Red ,Orange ,Yellow ,Natural 29” Black Phenolic Collars W/ Silver Ring Ivory Joint and Ivory ring on butt sleeve both shafts ivory ferrules 29” 5/16-14 Piloted Leather wrap Everything is original from Pete Cue is mint except minor scuff marks on edge...
  18. rigmaster

    Schick Amboyna Gambler

    1999 Schick in MINT CONDITION & ROLLS DEAD STRAIGHT TOGETHER AND APART. The forearm features 4 razor-sharp Amboyna Burl points with 3 veneers (double wide dark blue, light blue and natural) into Bird's-Eye Maple. Each point has 2 Ivory dice. The sleeve is also Amboyna Burl and features stacked...
  19. rigmaster


    Nice cue and sold
  20. rigmaster

    Rusty Melton full tooled 2x4

    Nice case here asking $1500 + shipping Cash only no trades as I need a Back operation and it will take place next month! With or without this sale and Thank you OBAMA for the $3000 co pay !These are pictures taken today 10-4-2014 some thought the case would not look the same as it did a year...