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    Old Viking Cues.

    Everything is for sale for the right price
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    Old Viking Cues.

    My first cue was a Viking I got for my 14th birthday. I foolishly sold it when I got into custom cues around 17 years ago. BEM PJ with a big pin. This is my only Viking at the moment. A-450 from the 80’s if I recall.
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    Original by palmer

    Leave it as is. It is a nice and collectible Palmer.
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    Another what is this vintage cue post..... burton spain looking forearm

    I just noticed the aluminum pilot. I’d look at older National and Gandy catalogs. Or maybe an old AE Schmidt catalog.
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    Such a classic and classy design. Around 15 or so years ago my buddy had a cue made by a local guy. He bought an old, 60’s he was told, fullsplice and had it converted to look like his favorite Balabushka. He ended up gifting my the cue after I helped him sell his collection while he was...
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    APA logo on cue need help identifying

    I have had both Malis with both pins and I prefer their 3/8x10. It looks all original to me. Here is a thread with a big pin Mali and a catalog scan.
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    APA logo on cue need help identifying

    Mali. The gap between the points is the give away.
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    Info on Helmstetter

    That does not look like BRW to me. Looks like good old EIR.
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    Palmer PB6

    Here is the caralog
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    The thrift shop giveth.

    I plan on using it as is.
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    The thrift shop giveth.

    Well, since you asked. $9.99.
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    The thrift shop giveth.

    I realized I left my power supply to my older Mac air at school so I decided to stop by Good Will on the off chance they had one. I always go down the sporting aisle first on the way to electronics and did not notice anything of desire. No power supply, but I as walked down the electronics...
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    Cues worth

    I will second Kickin Chicken's price estimates
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    Sold Vintage Adam Pool Cue

    pm sent
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    Selection of quality vintage “mystery” cues

    2nd from the right reminds me off a Sal Rich of New York just before the Imperial buyout. The last on right reminds me of an early Mali that would have a sticker by the joint, with the buttsleeve replaced.
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    New Schon cue.... need some help.

    The logo in the joint collar is 93 only, and that is when Bob left. The second shaft is also a Schon as it has the phenolic sleeve over the pilot. Since your pin is a standard 5/16/x14, you would need to have the ID and OD of the pin. Pre 93 shafts will not fit on post 93 pins, but post 93...
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    Cues with bigger handle diameter

    If I recall it has to do with the type of work, more manual labor, and from an earlier age.
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    Cues with bigger handle diameter

    Another thing of note regarding cue sizes from the past, men had larger hands on average while being shorter than the average height presently.
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    HELP with Cue ID, interlocked JC logo

    Joe Calluca?