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  1. wrickyb

    Templates at 2019 china open 9 ball

    Did anyone else notice the different templates used for racking at the 2019 China Open 9 Ball? I saw the white that appears to be the Turtle or knock-off on the men's matches. Then on the one Woman's match I watched they were using what looked like the black magic rack, the tree design not the...
  2. wrickyb

    Becue in Chicago, Chris's Billiards Sat Aug 17 One day only

    I will be at Chris's Billiards Saturday August 17th. I will have shafts, shooting cues, The New Dark Matter II Break cue and the New Dark Matter II Jump cue. Come out and check it out. I plan to be there when they open Saturday and until late afternoon or early evening. Selection of over 40...
  3. wrickyb

    Becue at BCA World

    You can try and purchase Becue shafts and Cues at the BCA World tournament from the 18th to the 27th. You can find them at the Marty Carey Booth or call or text me I will be at the booth some or can meet you there. We will have the NEW Break Cue and NEW Jump Cue Ricky Bryant...
  4. wrickyb

    Becue at 2019 SBX Booth 802

    I will be at SBX Booth 802 with Shafts (6 Joint Options) and 3 lengths 29, 30 and 31. Yes 3 tip sizes, Prime M 12.0mm and 12.5MM pro taper. And 5.1 M conical taper 11.8mm. These are our new Black shafts the M model. Joint types are B-Lock (for Becue), Uni-Loc, Radial, 3/8x10, 5/16x14 and...
  5. wrickyb

    Becue at BCAPL World July 18 - 28

    I will be at the BCAPL World Tournament but at this time will not have a booth. I will do demos by appointment. The appointments will be around other work that I'm doing. YES I will have stock to BUY at great prices that will not be posted online. I will have cues from 62 inches to the...
  6. wrickyb

    Break tips for cues

    First I did a search but could not find a thread covering this. What I saw a some threads covering some break tips. 1) What is the hardest break tip? 2) Are all Phenolic tips the same? 3) I have seen White Diamond break tips, any input? 4) Any input on the Tiger Ice Breaker tip? 5) I think I...
  7. wrickyb

    QMD Stroke Analyzer at Super Billiards Expo 2018

    QMD 3 Stroke analyzer will be on view and demo at the Professor Q Ball booth #775 at SBX along with the Cue of the Future but available today Becue! This is the Original Stroke Analyzer and has the Most Features! For more information on the QMD3 visit or come by and give...
  8. wrickyb

    Becue at Super Billiards Expo 2018

    I will have the Becue at Super Billiards Expo again this year. I will again be in the Professor Q Ball Booth #775 in Hall B next to the 3-Coushion Arena (773-774). I will have a Diamond table at the booth for demos. Stop by and see the Becue line of products from the Great Shooting Cue to the...
  9. wrickyb

    Becue on the road in march

    The following is my March schedule: Saturday the 3rd late after noon at Highpockets in Memphis TN Sunday - Wednesday (4th through 7th) Nacogdoches Texas - Looking for suggestions on pool rooms in Nacogdoches. Friday and Saturday the 9th and 10th of March I'm available for demos in North...
  10. wrickyb

    BECUE at DCC - Derby City Classic

    I will be at the Derby City Classic for the full week, from Friday the 19th until Sunday Morning the 28th. If you would like to try a Becue contact me to setup a time and place to meet. You cn email or Text me at or 574-320-2438 Ricky Bryant
  11. wrickyb

    BECUE at DCC - Derby City Classic

    I will be at the Derby City Classic for the full week, from Friday the 19th until Sunday Morning the 28th. If you would like to try a Becue contact me to setup a time and place to meet. You cn email or Text me at or 574-320-2438 Ricky Bryant
  12. wrickyb

    Mosconi Cup cues

    Dark Matterr & Special Edition Dark Matter [Here is a picture of Dennis Hatch with the Special Edition Dark Matter and the standard Dark Matter Becue Break Cues.
  13. wrickyb

    Becue Break Cue - Dark Matter

    Anyone that is in Vegas the 2nd through the 7th can contact me to setup a time to try the Becue shooting cue and the Dark Matter break cue. Also Dennis Hatch will be breaking with a Becue Dark Matter in the Mosconi Cup! See the Special Addition
  14. wrickyb

    Becue Break Cue - Dark Matter

    Becue shooting cues have the most solid hit. NOW they have released the break cue Dark Matter OH MY What a hit! My first 9 ball break testing the cue, made 3 balls and great spread. But most of all Zero vibration or stress on my arm. Here are pictures of the cue and you can contact me for...
  15. wrickyb

    Becue + QMD Christmas Special

    I represent Becue in the USA and now also carry the QMD Stroke Analyzer! The QMD Stroke Analyzer version 2.0 is normally $149 but with the purchase of the Becue the price is $100 which includes shipping in the continental US. Also contact me by email for the Best Deal on Becue and all...
  16. wrickyb

    Becue Store and Email

    The online Becue Store is open but there are some reported problems with the email. I have a new email to try and help stay in contact with the Plant in Italy. If you are not getting responses or email seems to bounce contact me at: USABECUEOFFICIAL@GMAIL.COM Ricky Bryant USA -Becue
  17. wrickyb

    Becue Demo in Las Vegas July 19-28 2017

    I will be in Vegas at the CSI National tournaments (BCAPL & USAPL). If you would like to try the Becue or place an order Text or Email me at I will be available: July 19 - 22 after 5:30 pm, July 23 1:30PM to 8:00 PM, July 24-28 8AM - 4PM You will be amazed at the feel...
  18. wrickyb

    Becue on the Road in Chicago

    I will be in Chicago for 2 days Monday and Tuesday June 12th and 13th for anyone that would like to meet up and try the Becue. The 100% Carbon Composite cue. You will be amazed with the hit and feel of this cue of the future that is available today! I will be in the Schaumburg area close to...
  19. wrickyb

    Becue on the Road in May

    If you would like to try the Becue I will be at the following locations in May: 2017 Michigan BCAPL State Championships May 11-14, 2017(Thursday through Sunday) (Mount Pleasant, MI) 2017 BCAPL Wisconsin State Championships May 25-29, 2017 (Thursday through Monday) (Wisconsin Dells, WI) You...
  20. wrickyb

    Becue easter specials!

    I'm happy to offer the following specials: First I want to say I'm sorry about the booth at SBX. The booth was moved 3 times before the show started. I have access to the booth because I report and shoot pictures for Professor Q Ball. He almost always has a 3-Coushion event at SBX and they...