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    I just think 'What would easy-e do?' Then make it!
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    Any dummy indeed! -
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    Who are the 'Old Schoolers' of AZ

    Vcash for still hanging on!
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    Sold *********Schick 1987**********$1000

    My account had been hacked and just changed PW. Can an admin help secure my account and look at ip address. Delete any recent threads, I have nothing for sale
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    Mike Bender ebony $1400 Shipped

    Sorry guys, someone hacked my account I have no cues for sale. Just got notified my friends asking if I was selling cues. Please beware and cancel any transactions. Can an admin help me secure account and look at ip address
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    Sold *********Schick 1987**********$1000

    Not sure what happened, someone posted this and it wasn't me. I changed my password.
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    Sold *********Schick 1987**********$1000

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    Mike Bender ebony $1400 Shipped

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    How to overcome fear of a certain type of shot

    Progressive practice. Setup the easier distance of the shot then move back. Also putting the ghost ball on the object ball then getting back down over the cue ball to calibrate my eyes to the correct overlap. Move the cue ball away then fire away!
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    Things are a changing at Breakroom Billiards.

    Don't let him fool you. There are still 20+ valley tables.
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    Jump sticks have changed the game

    Can't wait, going to be a blast!
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    WTB - Briesath, Scott Lee/Randy G, Mark Wilson (DVDs & Book)

    Let me know what you might have, thanks!
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    Thanks buddy!

    Thanks buddy!
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    Hope all is well Rick!

    Hope all is well Rick!
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    Immonen vs Dominguez - One Pocket

    Time to spend it at the vBookie car lot!
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    Immonen vs Dominguez - One Pocket

    Diaper stroke for the win!
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    Vbookie is dead. Long live Sportsbook!!

    My life's work is over!
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    Winning One Pocket - Eddie Robin

    Any one have a rare copy lying around they might sell to a green one pocket player?