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  1. rexus31

    DCC 9 Ball - Who's left?

    After the 1P final they said there are 10 players left in the 9B event. Who? Anyone have a link to the bracket?
  2. rexus31

    Jerry's Billiards, Pasadena, CA - Another one biting the dust?
  3. rexus31

    Mark Williams' Pro Ball Shine

    Has anyone used this product?
  4. rexus31

    Dynaspheres Update

    I posted this in another thread but figured I'd start a new one so the information isn't hidden for those who are interested. Get your Bronze set while they last!
  5. rexus31

    My Gold Crown Projects

    With all of my Gold Crown projects complete, I thought I'd share some short clip videos of each. Table: Light: Cue Rack: Ball Polisher:
  6. rexus31

    The Gold Crown Garage

    Table: Light: Cue Rack:
  7. rexus31

    "Gold Crown" Ball Polisher...FINISHED!

    It's FINALLY finished! Figure I'd start a new thread for those that just want to see the finished product. If you are interested in the build thread, here's the link:
  8. rexus31

    World Cup of Pool - DAZN or Facebook

    Does anyone know if the World Cup of Pool will be broadcast on DAZN or Facebook in the US? The UK Open was supposed to be broadcast on DAZN but was not. I'd prefer to not pay for another month of DAZN if they will not be broadcasting Matchroom Pool events.
  9. rexus31

    Players Attempting to Unionize?

  10. rexus31

    Right tool, right job?

    "I don't understand. It's reading dead level". LOL!
  11. rexus31

    Andy Mercer Memorial 9B Tournament

    Incase anyone is interested.
  12. rexus31

    Poll: Pool Ball Cleaning

    Since I embarked on building my Gold Crown Ball Polisher, it got me wondering how fellow AZB'ers who have a table at home clean their pool balls and what was the determining factor in their chosen method.
  13. rexus31

    Cuetec Cynergy Carbon Fiber Shaft - 12.5mm

    I learned how to play pool with a solid maple shaft and was never a fan of low deflection shafts because I did not want to invest the time to relearn aim, etc. I was familiar with the deflection and cue ball squirt so I saw no need to "upgrade". I hit with my friend's 12.5mm Cuetec Cynergy...
  14. rexus31

    Manning Cues Promo Code

    I'm about to place an order on Manning Cues' website and was curious if there are any active promo codes for use at checkout.
  15. rexus31

    "Gold Crown" Ball Polisher

    First, huge shoutout to Glen for his assistance thus far on my project. I restored my Gold Crown I about two years ago with matching custom Gold Crown Light I built and I also restored a Gold Crown Cue Rack for my room. I've been using a bucket polisher for years to polish my ball sets (16 at...
  16. rexus31

    Pool Ball Weights

    I was bored today so I weighed some of the ball sets I have for comparison purposes. About the sets at time of weight: Aramith Tournament Set: Brand new, used a few times Brunswick Centennial Set 1: Brand new, used a few times Brunswick Centennial Set 2: Older, well used Brunswick Centennial...
  17. rexus31


    Who's had it done? Pros? Cons? Horror stories?
  18. rexus31

    Dynashperes Titanium and Rhodium Sets

    Has anyone seen or purchased these? I stumbled upon these on eBay. I'm liking them. Titanium: Rhodium: