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    Pool road trip USA — best pool halls, best action, best spots 2022

    👍 Sounds great. Glad you can come over. I’m not too far from montauk point so you can visit the spot where George ended up in that episode. Catch a sunrise- or some fish
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    Pool road trip USA — best pool halls, best action, best spots 2022

    If while your in NYC you feel like taking a 100 mile ride to the east end of Long Island I have a 9’ gold crown 4 and am always looking for people to play. There aren’t any pool halls or bars with tables around here ( the Hamptons) so I have to go to Bayshore-60 miles west for a straight pool...
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    WTB - Nice Paul Drexler PFD Cue

    I have one I may let go. I’ve tried to attach the image to this but it says the file is too large. If you send me a text I can send you pictures. It a amboyna burl with points. Elep. Ear wrap. Ivory joint and notched diamonds. 3 shafts. All three are old growth Only used a few...
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    Bayshore Billiards Straight pool league review

    I'm playing in my second season of straight pool at Bayshore Billiards and think i should write a review of how the league is doing. Some background first- i've been a basement player for many years since there aren't any pool halls within 50 miles of my house on eastern Long Island. Pool is how...
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    Heading to Philly- might have time for 14.1 tomorrow

    as title says, i'm heading to philly tomorrow (friday12/26) for personal reasons and MIGHT have time for a game of straight pool. if anyone is interested please post with a phone # and ill call during the afternoon tomorrow. i'm an ok player from long island currently in a 14.1 league and...