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    Nick Varner 8 butt 4 shaft

    All leather, heavy duty stitching, over sized pockets, stand up on it's own, very very well constructed. I highly recommend!!!
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    Southwest style cues.

    I hope to own an actual SW one of these years, but this is the best I can do for now. All 3 hit and play amazing.
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    Cue tip question

    I haven't played for over a decade, I'm still using my 96 314 shaft with the original tip and I love it. I just bought a brand new Zeus yesterday and trying to figure out what tip is on this. It is hard as a rock, doesn't hold chalk well, and I can barely use a tip pix as it feels like I'm...
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    My Schon R-12

    All original 100% perfect condition early 90s R-12 WITH upgrade Silver Nickle rings. You will not find a nicer factory finished R-12 anywhere you look. It came out of the case for the 1st time in over 19 years for these pictures. Hopefully other R series fanatics will appreciate this as much...
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    Nick Varner anniversary cue.

    Nick Varner anniversary cue Sold..................
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    Help with info on Biagio cue? Made by Joss possibly?

    Mikarta butt cap not taken care off by the previous owner thus is going back to Joss soon.
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    Help with info on Biagio cue? Made by Joss possibly?

    Here is one I own presently. Dan Janes verified he only made 10 of them with 4 veneers and the MOP in the aces. It plays as good as my Runde Era Schon IMHO. It's going back to Joss to be refinished soon.