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    Is taper roll acceptable?

    I have just received a brand new cue straight from a respected maker and the shaft has a slight taper you think that this is acceptable or should i contact the maker and complain? Cheers, Tontus.
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    Dress code in pool

    I have read many threads on the forum where people complain about the way pros dress and such....Now I just don't get why competitors should not be allowed to wear what they want, I know that this is a gentleman sport, but times change! Look at Tennis, some years ago you had to wear a collar and...
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    Brunswick King brown or crown????

    Hi, I am in thailand and in the process of looking for a table, I was put in contact with a shop via the owner of the pool hall I go to...anyways he told me that he has a used 85% condition king brown brunswick...I though he meant crown but he assured me that is was a King Brown 3 solid wood...
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    Jacoby or Samsara? Advice needed!

    Hi Guys, I'm new here so first of all Hi!:D!! Sooooo.....I am in the market for a new cue....I have it narrowed it down to a Samsara or a Jacoby. I have now been playing for two years with a Poison cue, and i Find the hit a bit stiff to my liking...I would like something just a bit...