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    looking for simonis 860 new

    Hi, i just save a few dollars and was wondering if anyone had any simonis 860 for a 9ft. for around 200 shipped. Tournament blue or standard green. looking to pay with pay pal today if anyone has it to sell
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    Used 860 cloth wanted

    Hi, i have a 9fter which currently has mali cloth on it, I don't like this cloth at all but can't really afford to spend the $$ for new simonis, so i figured i'd check here to see if someone had some cloth that's used or not using. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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    black berry pearl t-mobile

    Not sure if you can post this but here we go, i have a tmobile blackberry pearl with car, wall charger, carry case data cable and 2gig sd memory card. Looking to trade for simonis 860 cloth 9ft. Phone is in great shape, I just brought the storm and decided to post here before I put it on...
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    looking for deal on simonis

    I'm looking for simonis 860 for my 9 foot table standard 50 X 100 would like tournament blue but will consider other colors if price is right.