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    wtt for carmelli

    I have a Schon Hoppe tribute I was looking to trade for a carmelli still can't post pictures but they were posted in my other post hope to hear some trade offers. I can be contacted at
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    schon hoppe tribute fs/ft

    beautifully built cue hits great and is wonderful in every way. looking for $900 or a comperable trade if you would like pictures you can contact me at no low ballers please it is a great cue thanks for looking. Again I can be contacted at
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    Bludworth??? info help offer or trade

    I was told it is a bludworth but I have had my obvious doubts on that. The only marking it has is APA engraved in the joint I would just like some info on the cue, or if someone would like to buy it shoot me an offer I am open to trades. thank you for your help. Oh and can someone help me post...