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    Looking for Room

    Looking to share a room with someone that has room at Derby this Yr Ty
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    One Pocket rule

    when playing 1 pocket and the cue ball ends up hanging in a pocket corner hooked, can the incoming player just tap ball against same corner rail trpping it or do they have to move it to new spot
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    Fargo rant

    so i want to start off by saying im a solid b player playing 9 ball /mayby A player playing one pocket. I played in one tournament 2 years ago and it was a back pocket 9 ball tournament, I beat one player who is good at 9 ball but dindnt play back pocket, i got like 6th in tourny, I move out of...
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    griffs las vegas

    going to be in vegas june 30 till july 7 playing some poker events and getting some sun, will be near griffs looking for some one pocket action considered B player let me know what u want to do
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    Shooters olathe

    Please click one of the Quick Reply icons in the posts above to activate Quick Reply. Just want to say thanks to doug patrick , the great waitressses , tourn directors. had great time in olathe met alot of good people, made 2 new friends, thanks for a great toury
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    Vegas action

    going to vegas july 1st thru 6 for wsop, bringing my cue cause after that going to olathe for tournament, where good place to play and get some cheap 1 pocket action in vegas
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    One Pockect tourny

    any one pocket tourny on east coast in july or aug, taking vaca looking to play, could be weekly tourny, or in vegas ty
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    Big dog billiards Cue and pool tournament

    can anyone recommend a nice hotel near there thinking about playing and going to midwest cue show. ty
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    predator 4k7 with 2 shafts

    predator 4k7 with 2 z shafts, 1 is original z other is z 2 kamui soft clear tip on both. shafts roll straight . $400 with both shafts shipped, 300 for 1 shaft
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    no FROST in make it happen crazy

    could he not make it, cant believe he dindnt get picked
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    Predator 4k7 with 2 Z shafts kamui clear soft tips

    ok guys picked this up off guy needed money don't play with predator, price is 400 plus shipping. Uniloc joint rolls straight butt is slightly used shafts are great condition. 1 shaft z 1 shaft z2 both have kamui clear butt with either shaft 275 shipped, 300 for both shafts, or 150 for one
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    share ride

    i found a ride from airport to derby for 45 up to 4 people i arrive around 1pm thursday, if u want to share ride let me know
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    Room for thurs only

    I have room fri to sun it might snow in philly fri looking to come in thurs no rooms left can i stay in someone room thur ill sleep on floor ty also I'll throw in a nice pair of sunglasses for u or wife or girlfriend or mistress
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    Action derby

    looking for action at derby 50game nothing expensive im a c+ player hit me up there ernest antonini you can facebook me.. from philadelphia
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    in remembrance of big jim

    tonight at fuscos the spot there is a gathering for big jim,jim granding. from 630 to 9pm
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    Lost another good player and great guy

    anybody thats been thru philadelphia the last 40 yrs knows BIG JIM cuemaker, player, houseman, great guy. Played all the greats unfortantaly passed away last night. just wanted to let everybody know
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    Derby room

    looking to go friday till wed. can get the room or stay in yours, non smoking please, or get all 9 days and stay half and you stay other half ty
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    share room

    ok last year had lee brett share room with me , this yr looking to share a room with some one that has one, or ill get one, non smoking
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    whats up between last yr and this, last year 1st 2000,2nd,1600,3rd&4th 1200,5th&6th 800,7th 8th 595,9th thru 12th 400. this year 1st 1600,2nd 1200,3rd&4th 800, 5th thru 8th 500, big difference in payout and making 8 places instead of 12 hurts the non pros, just my thoughts.
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    Action near philly

    if ur around philly or Feasterville come to the spot on Thursday night, pete fusco is playing darron appelton one pocket.. I can gaurentee action from me,or at least 4 other people. just pm me