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    Becue primeM 12.0 questions?

    I have one of these shafts and here are my 2 questions. The shaft is 30" but only weighs 3.3 onces.Thought this was very light even though its for a radial pin. 2)Is the Logo suppose to rub off?I got it second hand and the M is almost gone and the 12.0 is completely gone.
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    Putting ferrule on a Revo, so much better!!!!!!!

    Very simple , get your cue guy to put a piece of Juma half the size of the cynergy shaft ferrule on top of the vault plate. It adds a smidge of deflection but gets rid of the tink sound and provides proper sighting. Predator should of done this from the beginning. Make sure you use Juma.
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    Cue question

    Did Huebler ever make a 5 16 14 pin or just 18. I've got one that is suppose to be all original and has a stainless 5 16 14 pin? Thanks for any replys
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    Pressing tip question

    I just had a Blue Diamond put in a vice and pressed for about 10 min. Tip cut great, the sides were burnished with super glue and the tip plays fantastic. My question is, mine was pressed for 10 min while others say they press them for hours and some for days. What's the point of pressing them...
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    Madden Cocobolo plain Jane, super player

    Pics are coming soon, the cue is in 98 % condition with just some slight blue on the shaft, half steel joint, 3x8 10 pin Ageis 2 ferrule at 13mm 19.3 ounces Linen wrap Superb clean cue and arrow straight. Sooold !!!!!!!!
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    Question about a Schon??

    Schon had a model of a cue CX 54. The model I have has the exact same design but alot more points on the forearm. Anyone have a clue what model this is. I'll post pics if i need too. I heard they made 16 of these, 4 of them were made for the JossEast tour many moons ago. Thanks
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    Brunswick cue question

    Couldn't find one on the net but did Brunswick ever come out with the letter B in black and white at the bottom of the cue like how Dufferin had there small logo in a small window at the bottom of there cues. Mine has a ''B'' in the window. Its a conversion cue with 2 butterfly points.
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    mosconi cup question

    Is women aloud on any of the teams? Always wondered why none are ever picked. I know people say they don't break as well but with the cloth being so fast it shouldn't make much of a difference at all.
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    Coco olivewood sugartree + gtf

    I just got this wrapless Sugartree from a guy in my area who was selling it a couple weeks ago on this forum. The guy I got it for went with a cue i had with a wrap so this one is going back up. Butt- 15.3 ounces Shaft1- 4.1 ounces ( minimal use , with a Ultraskin soft tip) Shaft2- 3.9 ounces (...
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    New OB plus shaft question

    I just got a OB classic plus shaft and thought it plays very stiff and well but had a really horrible feel and sound once in awhile. I know alot of these LD shafts are stocking there tip with a Everest. Curious if anyone else noticed this and did they change there tip. The shaft was going to a...
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    LTB Barnhart Shaft!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Almost had the one I wanted and missed out.Looking for one thats straight clean with his standard dot collars and short ferrule.Let me know what you got.Maybe interested in buying 2 if the price is right.Thanks
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    Mcdermott question

    Did the older ones have just the shamrock without the made in usa on them? Thanks in advance:smile:
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    LTB or trade for 2 barnhart shafts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm looking for 2 mint Barnhart shafts with the short ferrules.Looking for a good price for 2 or I've got a Brand new Jacoby Hybrid Shaft for a 3x810 pin thats 30'' or a couple old Predator shafts for trade if that suits your fancy a little more.Thanks Scott
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    Awesome Kevin Deroo with built in extention!!!!!

    Comes with a set of Cocobolo Joint Protectors. Built in Extention, adds 8'' in length,very handy on those hard to reach shots. Dark Brown perfectly executed stacked leather wrap. Kevins Laminated shaft with black ferrule,red pad topped off with a Kamui black supersoft. Highly figured Birdseye...
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    Mint Pierce with Hybrid Shaft, Strong Player

    Up for grabs is a Pierce butt that is made from Bowling alley wood which he normally only makes shafts from. The finish is great and the leather wrap is perfect. The Jacoby Hybrid shaft is test hit only and still has the stickers on it. Weight almost 19ounce Shaft- 12.75 30 inch Joint is Black...
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    Cheap Pred wih z-2

    I can post pics if needed but shouldn't last long at all. I've got a first edition green veneer predator sneaky with a steel uniloc joint.The butt has a roll at the which makes the whole cue roll like crap.The shaft is dead nuts straight but has some dings and bluing but structurely great. The...
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    404 finals question

    How many events did you have to play in the qualify? Thanks
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    Jacoby Hybrid shaft Question?

    My buddy asked me to try it out and tell him if I noticed something odd. The shaft played really really well but every once in awhile I felt a tick or a almost miscue feel when hitting the ball. I checked the joint cause its a 3x810 to make sure it was tight then looked at the tip. The stock...
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    Tip Deflection Question??????????????

    I had a talk today about if a harder tip gives less deflection or a softer one. A few guys said softer tips gives less deflection and few thought hard. I personally thought a hard tip gives less deflection cause it leaves the cue on immediate contact after striking the cueball. Just curious on...
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    Stolen cues $500 reward

    There were taken in St Catharines about 1 week ago out of my buddys car. The items were 1) Predator SE 16 , one z-2 shaft, one ob2 shaft 2) Mike Webb cue with a ob1 shaft and one webb shaft with a yellow micarta ferrule. 3) Poison Jump-break cue 4) cheap titanium cue,which was his buddys 5)...