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    Schon cue and case

    For sale, schon sl10 with 2 shafts, plays great and straight as a string. Alo leather 3x5 case.
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    southern classic info

    im leaving for tunica on wed morning to come watch some great pool and maybe play in some minis. im just curious if anyone can tell me what the beer prices are at the tournament. just wondering if its like all the other league events i have been to where they price gouge the hell out of the...
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    feb 25th 8ball

    8ball tourny feb 25th at mo river pub & pool. handicapped from 3 to 7, alt break. $500 added based on a field of 32 players, $300 guaranteed added. handicapps are subject to change during tournament. unknowns will start as 7s. played on 9 7ft diamond tables. great food and full bar. starts at 11...
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    2012 us open 9ball

    does anyone know the dates and location this year. i thought i heard they were changing locations
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    $500 added rated 9ball tournament

    jan 14th at mo river pub & pool. tourny played on 9 7ft diamonds. rated from 5 to 14. alt break. 3 foul rule. $25 entry fee. sign up is at 1pm calcutta starts at 1:15 sharp. players are subject to be raised during tournament. unknown players will start at 14 unless can be proven otherwise by TD...
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    i have purchased the earl and svb for today and i have a blank screen. has it started yet
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    rated 9ball tourny

    9ball tournament at mo river pub & pool this sat the 26th. rated from 5-12. $25 entry fee. tournament starts at 1pm sharp. unknown players will start as a 9 and are subject to be raised during the tourny. tournament played on 9 diamond bb. full kitchen and cold drinks. 1624 Jade Road...
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    valley bar table

    valley cougar 7ft bar table for sale. has simonis cloth and penquin rails in excellent condition. table is coin opp but missing the mechanism. tournament blue simonis. full set of aramith balls. asking $1000.00. must pick up. pm me if interested
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    9ball tourney

    9ball tourney on sat oct. 29th ,Race to 7 Double elimination. Sign up @ 12:00pm Calcutta @ 12:30. $25.00 entry fee includes $5.00 green fee touney played on 9 7ft diamonds. Mo River Pub & Pool 1624 Jade Road Columbia, MO 573-814-1434
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    four bears classic

    justin bergman beats van boening 6-3. van boening against felix comin up next
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    places to play

    im goin to be in tunica mississippi next month for a few days, juszt wondering if there is any decent and safe places to play
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    mental help anyone!

    ok heres whats happening. im a decent player who loves to play the game. but for about the last 6 months or so i have been strugglin to keep my mind in it when im playin. i still win a few tournaments here and there, and a few cheap money games , but something is missing. i try to win everytime...
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    these are the results of last tourney
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    $25 9ball tourney

    9ball tourney on saturday jan 15th at mo river pub & pool in columbia mo. played on 9 diamond barbox tables. $20 + $5 green fees. race to 7 on both sides. pays 1/4 of field. we will have a calcutta as long as there is interest in doing so. calcutta will start at 1:30 and tourney will start at...
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    $25 9ball tourney

    $25 9ball tourney this sat dec 18th at mo river pub & pool. tourney played on 3 1/2 x 7 diamond tables. this is an open tourney(not handicapped). $5 green fee, race to 7 on both sides. tourney starts at 2pm sharp.
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    i played in a tournament yesterday that was based on bca handicapp system. the problem was that not everyone had a bca handicapp, some had apa and some had tap handicapp. is there a chart or system that can be used to determine what players handicapps would be if they dont have a rating in a...
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    $25 rated 9ball tourney

    11/13/10 2:00 PM $25 Rated 9-Ball Mo River Pub & Pool | 1624 Jade Road | Columbia, MO | 573-814-1434 9 Ball Tournament, DIAMOND POOL TABLES Handicapped (tournament director to determine handicap 4-8), Sign up @ 1:00 pm, Calcutta @ 1:30. $25.00 entry fee. TAP Rules. Full Bar and Kitchen...
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    just curious

    if all the tar matches that svb has played and won, who thinks that if it wasnt 10ball he wouldnt have won as many. i mean no disrespect to svb, he is great, but i think that his 10 ball break is the best and makes him the best 10 ball player in the world imo. but, i dont think he can handle...
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    schon ltd f/s

    i have a schon ltd that is in excellent condition. im not sure what model number it is, i have tried to find out but havent had any luck. i will post pics tomorrow. im asking $500 firm.
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    rated 9ball tourney

    10/16/10 1:00 PM $20 Rated 8-Ball Mo River Pub & Pool | 1624 Jade Road | Columbia, MO | 573-814-1434 9-ball handicapped tournament $20.00 entry fee includes $5.00 green fee. TAP. Handicap to be determined by tournament director. Sign up starts @ 1:00pm. Calcutta @ 1:30pm. Tournament will...