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  1. xpatcan1

    Unfinished predator/falcon butts

    Been organizing my shop and have more blanks for sale. blanks are oversized need final passes, joints and finish, butt caps are installed on most as well as weight bolt system already added. Blanks have been sitting for 8-10 years very dry and stable. I will not sell one at a time you must take...
  2. xpatcan1

    RAID cues R650 low deflection shafts FULL SPLICE with veneers

    :thumbup:I have NEW RAID cues in stock, these are 2016 models!:yikes: please contact me Via E-mail only for all inquiries or to make a purchase all PMs will be ignored, all prices are final and non negotiable, all offers will be ignored. Special pricing for orders of 6+...
  3. xpatcan1

    Butterfly Wrapless Kenny Murrell $teal this beauty!

    Beautiful Wrapless Kenny Murrell Cue rolls perfect together and apart, Finish is in 95% condition, no dents, minor swirling from normal use. Can feel rings is some parts but hasn't popped the finish. $old plus shipping and fees. Serious steal! No trades No serious offer refused Pin...
  4. xpatcan1

    looking for samual may accessories

    looking for samuel may accessories want cue racks, score boards, cues, ball holders, triangles anything samuel may related, not overly interested in tables at this time. if you have something, let me know! $$$:thumbup:
  5. xpatcan1

    Sugar tree, cocobolo and curly olive wood.

    Beautiful cocobolo and curly olive wood sugar tree, cue is strait together and apart! Cue is previously enjoyed and in immaculate condition. Only ding is in the shaft finish, it does not break the finish and is hard to photograph it's so minute. Micro rings at all sections Joint is an unknown...
  6. xpatcan1

    Collector condition predator air 1

  7. xpatcan1

    Greg kucharski

    4 point 4 veneer Greg kucharski Used but in good condition has a few dings in the butt I tried to photograph them best as possible. Forearm Is perfect. Cue rolls strait. Ebony into BEM forearm SS joint 3-8x10 pin 29" shaft 12.35mm 3.5oz 29" butt 15.3oz Looking for $350+ shipping and all fees.
  8. xpatcan1

    South west style cues $110.00

    All cues were sold except for 5. The last few the shafts have slight wobbles butts roll fine. Price reduced to $90.00 plus shipping and fees Great value for 3-8x10 butt, throw a pred shaft on it or poach the ring from the shaft to put on a custom. I have a few nice south west style entry...
  9. xpatcan1

    Mike Webb tons of recuts, LE Bear/Falcon

    Mike Webb Classic 4 point 4 veneer design done in 16 points, all even and perfect. Pin: 3-8x10 Joint: white, unknown material. (Not ivory) Forearm: king wood Handle: leather wrap Butt sleeve: Ebony with hoppe style ring Butt weight:15.5oz Original shaft: 3.5oz base of ferrule is 12.42mm old...
  10. xpatcan1

    ****** New Jack Justis case 2x4 ******

    New and unused 2x4 Justis, sorry for the terrible photos $550.00 PM for more info.
  11. xpatcan1

    Chinese 3-year-old Snooker Prodigy

    sorry if this was posted already.
  12. xpatcan1

    looking for exceptional tulipwood

    looking for a 13'' piece of dark orange tulipwood with some curl. will pay top $$ for the right piece.
  13. xpatcan1

    need a couple sets of carbide Sanding mandrels

    I'm looking for sanding mandrels 5-16x14, who builds the best product and where can i get some? looking for a set that will except a pilot .550" wide and .300" deep. one set at .837" the other .840" built with a taper of .015" per inch. any help would be greatly appreciated. :thumbup:
  14. xpatcan1

    Looking for colored veneers 0.5mm-0.35mm thick

    Please contact me if you can help.
  15. xpatcan1

    Looking for real lizard wraps/full skins

    Looking for some nice black and brown genuine lizard wraps,
  16. xpatcan1

    Love Bonus Ball

  17. xpatcan1

    Working with Ivory

  18. xpatcan1

    WTB very nice or custom 2x5, 3x5, 3x6, 3x7, or 4x8 case

    will look at everything, new or used, nothing 2x4 or smaller... willing to spend $100-$1000+ Jb, justis, jflowers, butterfly, etc... show me what you got, please pm me, no pics, no price, no response...