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  1. cliffy

    FS: Bill Schick Gambler Cue

    Up for you consideration is Bill's personal cue he made in 1976. Truly one of the nicest Gamblers ever. Buddy Hall has played a time or two with it when he was not under contract with Meucci. The Ivory Joint caps are something special as well. Straight together and apart. Here is the Tale of...
  2. cliffy

    FS: McDermmott 3 x 6 Dealer, GTF Fellini Replica cases

    Up for grabs are some really good cases that need a home. Payment terms: Paypal personal payment so I NET amount shown or Money Order. International shipping available at cost McDermmott 3 x 6 Dealer’s case $225>200 CONUS (cues not included) GTF Custom 4 x 2 Custom Ostrich – it really...
  3. cliffy

    FS: Centennial, Melton, Engles Cases

    Up for grabs are some really good cases that need a home. Payment terms: Paypal personal payment so I NET amount shown or Money Order. International shipping available at cost One of Rusty Melton’s first tooled cases- unused SOLD CONUS Unusual Engles Hair on Cow in perfect shape SOLD...
  4. cliffy

    >>>>>>F.S. Sugartree Lucifer Cue- Unbelievable!!<<<<<<

    >>>>>>F.S. Sugartree Lucifer Cue- Unbelievable!!<<<<<< Here I present my custom made for me Sugartree which I called Lucifer. Deep toned Macasar Ebony and African Bloodwood, with a little ivory and some special rings thrown in for good measure add up to a pretty stunning cue. Truly Unique and...
  5. cliffy

    >>>>>F.S. Justis Brent Tubre Tooled 4 x 2 Prolite!!<<<<<<

    >>>>>F.S. Justis Brent Tubre Tooled 4 x 2 Prolite!!<<<<<< Fantastic Jack Justis case with specially commisioned tooling by Brent Tubre of Brent's Saddles of Floresville Texas. Very esteemed tooler in the saddlemaking arena , While I have owned many Ross tooled cases...
  6. cliffy

    >>>>>>Cogniscenti Halloween Cue!!!!!!<<<<<<<

    Rare 58" Joe Gold made Cog with FIRE ORANGE Cocobolo that is a sight to behold. G10 pin with 2 wonderful 29" shafts. Cue is unplayed and in perfect condition. Tale of the tape: Butt 14.4 oz 29" long--- you read it right!! Shafts 1 and 2 3.6 oz 13.2mm 29' long Very rare and desirable cue...
  7. cliffy

    >>>>FS:Sugartree Conversion Cue....Unbelievable!!!<<<<<

    Fantastic Purpleheart Duffrin conversion by none other than Eric Crisp. Wonderful craftsmanship from the buttcap, to the joint to the ferrule/tip. Will not last long at SOLD CONUS . International at cost. Tale of the tape: Butt 15.3 oz Shaft 4.1 oz 13mm Condition: Excellent plus with no...
  8. cliffy

    >>>> F.S. Rare Sugartree with Wrap!!<<<<<

    Very rare Sugartree with bown speck white linen wrap, elkhorn butt and joint, Rosewood buttsleeve and 8 sharp points. Truly and unusual and rare cue. Tall of the tape Butt: 29" 15.0 oz Shaft 1: 29" 3.8 oz 13.0mm played with very slight blueing toward tip Shaft 2: 29" 3.8 oz 13.02 mm- unplayed...
  9. cliffy

    >>>Schick Personal Vaut Cue- Buddy Hall Cue<<<<<<

    Up for your consideration very famous Bill Schick cue that Bill built for himself that many have seen over the years. This is the famous Balabushka Tribute. It has seen playing time in Bill's hands and Buddy Hall's when they used to travel on the road. Bushka Tribute Butt 16.3 Oz 28.75" Shaft...
  10. cliffy

    >>>>>>>FS: CA$H Cue--- Lookie... Likie!!<<<<<<

    >>>>>>>FS: CA$H Cue--- Lookie... Likie!! SOLD<<<<<< Beautiful CA$H cue, bought from Tommy, don't know the politics of it, and doesn't take away from the fact that this is a KILLER cue One shaft 3.8 oz 13mm 29" Butt 14.8 oz 29" Beautiful rosewood and black elepahnt ear wrap. Truly top notch in...
  11. cliffy

    >>>>>>FS:Palmer Model J<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>FS:Palmer Model J<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Up for grabs here is a nice model J, reconditioned and reshafted by Proficient. In Palmer case. Aluminum pin steel joint, foil window that reads "Original by Palmer". Actually quite light 18.7 oz with a pair of 13mm 3.7oz shafts. Old School 57.5 inch...
  12. cliffy

    >>>>>>Ross Tooled Jack Justis Case 4 x 2 New!!!<<<<<<<

    >>>>>>Ross Tooled Jack Justis Case 4 x 2 New!!!<<<<<<< As good as it gets with a price to match..........well below what Jack gets for a new one............priced to move @ SOLD CONUS----International at cost. Its all there and perfect with deluxe Justis bag. Not looking to trade for anything...
  13. cliffy

    >>>>FS: Murray Tucker ex-Jack Justis Cue!<<<<<

    Offering the buy of a lifetime here----------Murry Tucker cue made for Jack Justis, 3 shafts with joint protectors Tale of the tape: 58" Butt: 15.0 oz Shaft 1 -3.7 oz 12.9 mm Shaft 2 - 3.6 oz 13.0 mm Shaft 3 - 3.6 oz 13.2 mm Ivory sleeve joint Price: SOLD CONUS----International at cost...
  14. cliffy

    >>>>FS: 4 Engles cases Elephant too!!<<<<

    Guys and gals: I have 4 Engles cases for your consideration. All cash and carry shipped CONUS, paypal OK, Internation shipping at cost, these are priced to further haggling.......first come first served!! Be quick!! They are: Brown embossed gator pattern with old latch SOLD...
  15. cliffy

    Centennial 4 x 2 Case

    Original in good shape ---SOLDplus shipping... Lets get this thing sold and outta here
  16. cliffy

    FS: Brunswick Hustler Style Case

    $150 plus shipping. Replaced lid strap, otherwise all original..............Lets get this thing sold and out of here!!
  17. cliffy

    Original Flowers Case

    not a replica. Still all there and original SOLD plus shipping cost. Lets get this thing sold and out of here!!
  18. cliffy

    FS: Burton Spain / Gina

    SOLD to a very good home
  19. cliffy

    F/S: Searing Hoppe

    F/S: Searing Hoppe - ON HOLD Tale of the tape: 58" Butt 29" 15.6 oz veneers razor sharp indicatve of best craftsmanship he is known for. One of 2 cues made like this Shaft 1 13.02mm, 3.9 oz 29" Shaft 2 13.06mm, 3.9 oz 29" Price: Private Transaction please email clif @ allmetalaz . com...
  20. cliffy

    Rip - dwbod

    Just heard the news, very sad, the brother I never had. Honest to a fault Say a prayer or positive thoughts for his family and kids