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  1. BBBrock


    During my down time this last weekend at the Swanee I messed around on the 3 cushion table and was hooked. What a fun game! I know hardtimes has the Friday night tournament. Are there any other tournaments in the area?? Preferably handicaped as my high run is 2 right now. Any info would be...
  2. BBBrock

    BCA Warp up in Lakewood CA???

    BCA Warm up in Lakewood CA??? I heard there was something going on at Family billiards in Lakewood CA on April 20, 21, and 22. Is this true?? Anyone have details?? I heard deadlines for entries might be April 1st??
  3. BBBrock

    WTB Moori Med in Orange County CA

    I can't find anyone with a Moori Med tip in Orange County CA. If anyone has one ill come get it today. either PM or call Brock at 714-317-9420
  4. BBBrock

    FS: McDermott - Sledgehammer Break Cue

    I have a McDermott Sledgehammer for sale. I looking to get around $230 for it. Best case senario would be that I'll be in Vegas from Aug. 19th-24th. for APA Nationals. If you'll be out there I will even know a few bucks off. All offers are on the table. PM me with your thoughts. Brock
  5. BBBrock

    FS: Predator BK2 and a McDermott Sledgehammer Jump/break

    I have two basically new break cues for sale. 1) Predator BK2 with Irish Linnen Wrap and joint protectors asking $SOLD 2) McDermott Sledgehammer No Wrap Jump/Break with joint protectors asking $200
  6. BBBrock

    FS: 2 Like new break cues

    I have a predator BK2 with the irish linen wrap. I bought it brand new in February. I am willing to sell it for $275 shipped. It retails for $429 new and like I said this stick is basically brand new. I also have a McDermott Sledgehammer Jump/Break. Black with no wrap. It also looks and...
  7. BBBrock

    Staying at the Riviera for BCA???

    Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that if you are staying at the RIV for BCA and you booked your room through the players club you should call and confirm your reservation. I booked about a month ago and called to confirm last week and they gave me two nights free. Something about a new...
  8. BBBrock

    BK2 BCA legal????

    I have a Predator BK2 that I bought from a shop in Texas. Just normal the way Predator ships them. My question is: Is their stock tip phenolic?? Is it legal for BCA? If not what is the best BCA legal tip out there??? Thanks for the help??
  9. BBBrock

    Looking For Tournaments in Arizona

    My buddy and I are planning a trip out to Arizona (Phoenix Area) and are looking for a tournament to play in. I am a 7 out there and he is a 6 or 7. We were going to hit Metro Sports friday night and maybe Saturday night. I know there is always something going on like a 7 & under 9-ball with...
  10. BBBrock

    WTB: Predator 314 2 partial shaft

    I'm looking to buy a NEW Predator 314 2 partial shaft. Willing to pay $150. Let me know asap. Brock
  11. BBBrock

    WTB - Used Predator BK2, Mezz Duel Force or Mezz Bower Breaker II

    I'm looking to buy a new break cue. I've hit the BK2 and the Mezz Powerbreaker II and have heard good things about the Duel Force. Let me know what you have and how much you're asking and maybe we'll talk. Thanks a lot,
  12. BBBrock

    F/S Predator 314 1st gen 3/8 X 10 shaft

    This is a brand new 314 1st gen shaft. There are no dings or scratches what so ever. The joint takes a 3/8" X 10 pin. I'm asking $160 plus buyer will pay shipping. This is a good deal for a great shaft!!
  13. BBBrock

    Who else qualified for the 2009 US Amateur in Florida???

    I did......just barely. Played Bruce Choyce, 2003 US am Champion, in the finals. In a race to 11 playing 8 games of 8-ball and 13 games of 9-ball we started with eight ball and I didn't get out of my chair for the first three racks. I ended up down 3-5 after the 8 games of 8-ball. Then we...
  14. BBBrock

    APA Mini Schedule 2009 Nationals

    It's out! Go to and start planning. See ya there!
  15. BBBrock

    Who's gettin' pumped???

    I know I am. I can't to sit on my ass all weekend and watch Scott and Shane duke it out. It's gunna be a bloodfest!!!!!!!!
  16. BBBrock

    Breaking in a new tip......

    I just put a new Moori Med on. How long does it take to break in? It's been so long since I've changed it but I'm noticing a big differance right now. I've never had this problem since I used to change my tip about every 3-5 months but this last tip was down to nothing. Oh well I'll just...