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    Was he the one that threw a ball at Svb when svb was in a kid during an action match ? Think svb mentioned it in an interview but i cant confirm if its the same person
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    Keith Josey questions

    As a matter of fact he does. Talk to him Keith n Sherry are awesome people to deal with :)
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    Exceed Wrap-How to describe it to cuemakers?

    Not really. Mezz linen wrap is on another level. Super smooth yet not slippery and seamless for the price, havent seen other production and half decent cuemakers whom are able to recreate that. Jmho, take it for what its worth
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    Southwests 2022

    Dammnnnn What a beauty , enjoy shooting lights out ! On a side note, just for comparison, you just got yours when u ordered 2006 while i ordered mine in 2015, I prob get mine when im retired with grandkids 😂
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    Predator Format

    To be honest, im not a fan of the format but imho the cream still rises to the top and the better player still find a way to adapt n win the tournament. Its abit refreshing to keep the attention of new pool players compared to the long races to 15 or 50 which i personally enjoy more. Not really...
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    Stats -- Gorst vs. Ko PY 9-Ball Race to 60, November 2022

    Thanks for the detailed explanation 👍
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    Stats -- Gorst vs. Ko PY 9-Ball Race to 60, November 2022

    Hi, can i clarify if the stats for missed shots include an attempt to play safety and a 2 way shot perhaps ? Or it only include a legitimate attempt to pocket a shot to an obvious pocket which resulted in a miss Thanks
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    ☆☆ Limited Edition EBONY Predator Roadline LE-3 ☆☆

    Wow its been awhile n i actually forgot i once owned the cue but for a short while ! This cue has been long sold, my apologies for not updating the thread. Thanks for asking :)
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    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Cmon fellas, share the secret link to watch this please lol
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    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Where can we watch it live ?
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    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Thanks for clarifying I missed the handshake part and the camera angle is hella wierd 👍
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    US Open 9B October, 2022 -- Atlantic City

    Does anyone know what seemed to be a heated exchange between Kazakis n Marc ? Cant see clearly as it not a tv table but it appeas that Marc refused to shake Kazakis hand n ignore him after kazakis offered the handshake Marc did shake the ref hands tho while facing away Looks like bad sportsmanship
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    Rush and Concentration In Games ...

    Thanks Will try that soon But on a side note, do u do this for every shot or only for tougher shots ? as it feels really tiring to walk back n forth for every shot
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    Rush and Concentration In Games ...

    Sounds interesting. Could you explain what it means to imagine the front or back of the being pocketed please ? Images or diagrams will be good Thanks
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    Osarah Cues finished by Pete Tascarella

    Very nice 👍 What wrap is on the middle cue ? Cognac lizard ? Plain red or purple ?
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    The bangers are getting better

    Becoz they r probably not bangers ?!
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    Zero-X Billiards PKF book

    Hi , im looking for the pattern puzzle. Would anyone who bought it be interested in selling it ? Thanks
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    What Kind of Shoes Does Jayson Shaw Use?

    Its the new version V.12 made by Ferrari. According to their website, its skid proof and you will never miss a shot in your life in em Apparently misleading as he miss at his 715th attempt Heard hes in the midst of a lawsuit and a big fat settlement before they come with an improved version