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  1. rayjay

    Ivory Ban

    Just got this from Joe Barringer: Cue Components February 12, 2014 SPECIAL ISSUE Important announcement This is mainly for our Cue Maker friends and those of you with Ivory cues: Well, they did it! A new law for a ban on commercial trade of elephant ivory! Press release: "Today we...
  2. rayjay

    10 Years on AZB

    Wow, my 10th anniversary of joining AZB has arrived. I won't make a big deal out of it, it really seems like time has flown by, but when I think of it I laugh because it has been a fun, crazy ride that's still rolling on. I think of those that aren't here anymore, and miss them, a bunch of...
  3. rayjay

    MarkBear / SteveKlapp

    Mark Bear started making a cue for me early in 2009, using my wood. I promised to be patient, as Mark was a wood connisseur, and I was. Sadly, Mark passed away with only a few weeks to go on the cue. A friend of Mark's, Lee Bledsoe, graciously managed to send to me the almost finished butt, a...
  4. rayjay

    Steve Klapp's SUPER Wood!

    All I can say is the shaft is fantastic and customer service is way beyond excellent. The wood is the finest old growth, tight grain shaftwood I have ever seen made available by anybody, anywhere. Thanks Steve!!!blank/c4m3
  5. rayjay

    2009 Cuemaker's Round Table Discussion

    This is up for discussion again in the cuemaker's section and I thought I'd post it here for those that don't go there very often. I've listened to it several times, it's 16 of the finest cuemakers in the world talking about cuemaking for over an hour and a half. Topics include playability vs...
  6. rayjay

    G.Szamboti blanks

    This comes from the main forum, some amazing photos of unfinished GS blanks, which also recently sold on AZB. Some commented that they had never seen squares glued up like this before. Is this the "difference" between GS cues and all others? Not knowing anything about cuemaking, I'd like to...
  7. rayjay

    New Bobby Hunter FULL-SPLICE!

    Bob Hunter weaves his magic into a perfect John Davis full-splice blank to produce just an incredible player. I received this cue from Bob about two months ago and have been using it ever since. Ebony buttsleeve and prongs into high figure birdseye maple nose with black, natural, black...
  8. rayjay


    first!!! :d
  9. rayjay

    Baxter 3-piece JP's 3/8x10

    I just got these last week from Jim. I ordered a 3/8x10 pin, butt 0.847", but my cue is a 3/8x11. My dumb. I have already ordered another set just like them in the right size, cost $65. My dumb, your gain. SOLD
  10. rayjay

    Who Has Played CJ??

    A short while back, CJ Wiley challenged the top 100 players to play for cash. Has anybody taken him up on his offer? Who? For how much $$? How did they do? OR...why not?? :D
  11. rayjay

    Bkiii = bk000??

    With this ad on every thread I open, I got to the BK000 the same break cue as the touted BKIII? If not, what happened to the BKIII?
  12. rayjay

    My new Mike Durbin

    Mike Durbin custom cue on a magnificent John Davis fullsplice titlist tribute, kangaroo wrap, hoppe ring, no ivory, aegis f/f joint with 3/8x11 G-10 pin, 2 premium shafts with 3/4"x13mm Ivor-X ferrules, 18 oz. and Mike's mojo. Mike did a great job on this cue and was a pleasure to work with, my...
  13. rayjay

    Willie Hoppe - The Professor of English

    I enjoyed this, thought you would too, old newsreel format, 8 minutes or so. The Willie Hoppe Story
  14. rayjay

    Doc & Eddies to get NEW DIAMONDS!

    I just heard that Doc & Eddies in Albuquerque is going to get all new Diamond tables, 8-7 footers and 8-9 footers! It had been rumored for a while, but they are now ordered and will be in place at the end of the month, along with new carpet!! Also heard that Tommy Tokoph was instrumental in...
  15. rayjay

    JUDD/Davis Tribute and JUDD/Bear Breaker

    Judd Fuller weaves his magic into a John Davis full-splice ebony titlist tribute blank and into a Mark Bear, RIP, full-splice break cue. The Judd/Davis player is really a sweet cue, it weighs 17.8 ounces, 58", full-spliced ebony into straight grain maple with 4 veneers of magenta, teal...
  16. rayjay

    Dick Neighbors 8-pt Full-Splice Wrapless

    Dick Neighbors 8-pt full-splice wrapless custom cue. Red Cocobolo into highly figured maple with Bocote alternate points. G-10 Radial Pin, Aegis joint, weighs 17.45 ounces together. Like new, some bluing on the shaft from play, I'm the original owner...
  17. rayjay

    WTB new Predator Cue

    PM me if you're a new cue dealer with great prices! Thanks!
  18. rayjay

    Maple? In the Nose...which plays better?

    I was just looking at two new identical Barnharts in the gallery, one curly maple, one birdseye maple and wondered...Just in your opinion...which maple plays the "best" in the nose/forearm of the butt: curly, birdseye, straight-grain, or all the same...thanks! edit: not talking about the...
  19. rayjay

    WTB G-2 Tips

    I lost the email for the contact person for ordering more G-2 tips. I love the Hard and want to stock some more. Can someone provide the email address? Thanks!! :grin:
  20. rayjay

    Simple Routine to Avoid Choking

    A friend recently sent this to me...why I have no idea, lol, but it may help others. I have long been interested in the right/left brain correlations. :smile: Simple routine could help athletes avoid choking under pressure Squeezing a ball before competition may improve performance, study...