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  1. spb

    9' Gold Crowns FOR SALE

    I have 5 9' gold crowns for sale . Asking $1800.00 each. Will post picks in a day or two Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk 2
  2. spb

    8 Ball tourney June 29th @ 21 Pool Room

    8 Ball tourney June 29th @ 21 Pool Room in Sissionville , WV . $30 entry fee , Calcutta . Sign up at 2 starts at 3. Race to 5 winners side race to 3 losers side. Played on Diamond bar boxes. Open to all players , come show us something.
  3. spb

    King of The Hill 9 Ball @ 21 Pool Room

    9 ball king the of the hill format tourney. B players only. $25 entry with Calcutta. First Saturday of every month starts at 3:00 sign ups at 2:00. 21 Pool Room is in Sissionville, WV.
  4. spb

    WTS: Predator SE 27

    Looking to sell my predator by jacoby SE27. #15 of 125. It has 1 ding in the butt. Comes with 30" z2 shaft. Asking $1255.00. Kamui black hard
  5. spb

    WTS: Black P3

    Selling a black P3 for a friend , just under a month old. 18.5oz , 29", 314/2 shaft with Kamui Black hard tip , cue is in great shape asking $625.00.
  6. spb

    WTS: 30" Z2 Shaft

  7. spb

    WTS: 30" Z2 Shaft

    I have a 30" Z2 shaft for a radial pin for sale. It has a thin black ring at the joint and a Kamui Black Hard tip. Its only About 2 months old. I will try and post pics tomorrow sometime. asking $190 or best offer.
  8. spb

    LTB: complete cue building lathe

    looking to buy a complete cue building lathe, any info is helpful.