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  1. MINDSEYE153

    Cueman is THE man!

    Just wanted to shout out a big thanks to Chris. For those of you who haven't ordered from Chris I don't know what you're waiting for? In all the years I've been dealing with him he has never let me down. I ordered some leather from him late Monday afternoon and they arrived last night, TWO...
  2. MINDSEYE153

    Predator Pool Cues

    Where are Predator cues made? Yes I know in China, but what Providence City and Town in China? Thanks Paul <@>
  3. MINDSEYE153

    Is this normal!?

    Okay, I buy everything in bulk and its been a maybe a year since I placed an order with Atlas so I just wondering if this is now normal. I'm helping a friend set up his repair shop and I placed an order for a little of everything for him. You know a foot of this and a foot of that, some ferrule...
  4. MINDSEYE153

    Porper Model B

    I lost the Allen Key that tightens the height adjustment on the router base. Anyone know what size it is? I bought a sae set but none of them fit. Is it metric? A call to Proper didn't help, they suggested that I file the next larger size down! Paul
  5. MINDSEYE153

    Old Joss West

    Nice old Joss West on Ebay: | http://
  6. MINDSEYE153

    Large cue and Predator Partials!

    In the middle of a 9 ball match (while I'm waiting for my opponent to rack) and a customer comes up and asks if I have Predator partials. I say yes and he asks if I can make two shafts for his cue. I take a look at his cue and see that it has a checked ring pattern that I have in stock so I...
  7. MINDSEYE153

    New Bridseye Plain Jane

    Some shots of a recent plain jane with some highly figured Birdseye. Comments and critique?s are welcome and appreciated.. Paul Joint polited 3/8-11: Forearm: Forearm with wrap groove cut: Forearm after wrap is installed, this wouldn't have been my choice of leather for this cue, but...
  8. MINDSEYE153

    Pay me now or Pay me later?

    A customer came to the shop for a leather wrap. I showed him the skins I had in stock and he made his choice picking a Burgundy Gator. I said $100, he said no problem. I did the work, called him and let him know he could come pick it up. When he gets to the shop he tells me that some other guy...
  9. MINDSEYE153

    Leather Wraps

    Where is everyone getting their skins from. I've been ordering from a few different places (don't want to upset anyone so I won't name them) but lately I haven't been satisfied with what I've been getting. Just wondering where everyone else is shopping. Paul
  10. MINDSEYE153

    Tiger Stacked Leather

    I'm just getting ready to do my first stacked leather wrap and before I start I was just wondering if anyone had any tips. I'll be using the method from Chris' book as a starting point. Any info would be most appreciated, Paul
  11. MINDSEYE153

    How do I delete a thread?

    I'm trying to delete a thread. In the FAQ section it says if your post is the frist in a thread deleting it may remore the thread. To delete it you are told to hit edit then you can either edit it or delete it, But there's no way to delete it, I thought removing all the text and then saving...
  12. MINDSEYE153

    Tip Prices

    How much do you charge to install a Moori. I just installed two Moori's on a customers Bender and gave a quick cleaning to the shafts and he was stunned when I said the total was $50. When I asked why he was so surprised he told me last guy who put tips on for him charged $120 for two Moori's...