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  1. LuckyStroke

    Who is having a cue built in 2017? Post pictures once you recieve it.

    Got this one in the works Ben
  2. LuckyStroke

    Green Theme Cues

    My Jim Baxter Ben
  3. LuckyStroke

    Give Your Cue or Case A Theme Song!

    Bright Lights by Gary Clark Jr Because you're gonna know my name by the end of the night Ben
  4. LuckyStroke

    FS FT Player Breaker and JB case

    Cues and case for sale or trade. 1x2 JB rugged case. Good condition SOLD Schmelke playing cue. 4p4v ebony into maple. 29" butt 30" shaft with Kamui Black S tip. 19oz New white w/green spec wrap. This cue is a real player $285 Summit jump break cue. Purple Heart into bacote with Purple...
  5. LuckyStroke

    Been a while since a "Whats in the case thread"

    Case look familiar Chuck? Jim Baxter Player and matching breaker. Glove, headphones, chalk, coin holder, Q claw and towel from one of the places I play. All in my awesome Chuck Fields custom 2x4 Ben
  6. LuckyStroke

    Butterfly cases

    Are butterfly cases good for storing cues? I am in need of a storage case and there are several reasonably priced 4x8 butterfly cases out there. My concern is that most are a soft sided case. I would think you would want something with some rigidity if you were going to store cues standing...
  7. LuckyStroke

    Pool Team Names: Clever, Funny, Great, Strange...

    My APA nine ball team that I captain
  8. LuckyStroke

    Show me your bright veneered cues.

    My newest cue by Jim Baxter Ben
  9. LuckyStroke

    Guess the maker!

    One more Here's one of the butt section Ben
  10. LuckyStroke

    Guess the maker!

    My first chance to do this. I think this cue is coming out pretty unique. Might lead to some good guesses. No squealing if you recognize the shop 😉 Ben
  11. LuckyStroke

    Where's Thorsten?

    Haven't heard his name much lately, any word? Also, why doesn't he play in the mosconi? Ben
  12. LuckyStroke

    New Schmelke

    60" ebony full splice I picked up a few weeks ago. Cue on the far right. The others have stayed in the case since then. Damn thing plays man! And it's for sale Ben
  13. LuckyStroke

    Let's See Your Fullsplice Cues!!

    Points sharp and even, top and bottom Ben
  14. LuckyStroke

    Let's See Your Fullsplice Cues!!

    I don't own this one, but it's in my possession so I get to claim it for now Cue is for sale Ben
  15. LuckyStroke

    WTB JB Ultimate Rugged 1x2

    Just like the title says. Weather is getting warmer and I'm going to start pedaling to the pool room. New or used, let me know what you got Ben
  16. LuckyStroke

    Guns and Cues, Show us your Piece

    That's one of my favorite guns. I had a chance to shoot one in Vegas this past summer. It bruised me pretty good. But not as bad as this one Ben
  17. LuckyStroke

    Piloted Ivory Joint or Flat Faced Ivory Joint

    Flat faced big pin Here is my Star City cue. I've always loved radial pins. I have found that they give me the feedback that I like. Some people say that blindfolded you can't tell the difference from cue to cue. I'd like to think I could, but I haven't tried. I had Al put an ivory joint...
  18. LuckyStroke

    How would you play this?

    I'm playing the ghost and this came up. I couldn't decide what to do, so I conceded the rack and decided to take a "time out" with myself (that sounds bad) and figure out what I would do in league. Ya know, defense and what not. I'll tell you what I did. I wanna hear what you would do. I'll...
  19. LuckyStroke

    Some questions about practice

    I am an APA SL 5-6 and I play in league three days a week, and I practice at least two more days a week and sometimes, im playing all seven. So here's the deal. When I practice, I'm basically just playing by myself. Usually nine ball or ten ball. I would play straight pool if I had a 9'...
  20. LuckyStroke

    ~Thanks Jerry~

    There was a thread not long ago about AZB patches. Jerry Forsyth responded and said "I have some, send me your address and I'll send one out". I sent him my address and this is what I got: Thanks Jerry. Who else got patches? Ben