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  1. linds

    the last of my personal collection

    2000 or best offer... bem-tulip 6 veneered points ivori centerpiece inlays,leather wrap 5/16x14 pin, 59"evenly cut 18.5oz as i can recall finish with dupont 3800's with 12.60mm 1st ge precat 314 comes with spare rings- for extra shaft, protectors, hardcase, extra tiger wrap, bumpers, chalk...cue...
  2. linds

    old kamui tips authenticity?

    you are right... actually i posted them on pool groups together with parts from atlas/prather/tiger ad ended up being criticize of selling "fake" items... which i believe most of the "old timers" be familiar with... or perhaps i was really screwed? btw i used the black 2008-09 and was fine even...
  3. linds

    old kamui tips authenticity?

    hello folks...has been ages since my last log at AZ/ just want to clarify some old kamui tips i have if fake or not? tips are more or less dacade old... opinions pls?
  4. linds

    last of my personal collection...

    sorry guys its been such a long time since i've posted (linked to photobucket) era... selling one of my last personal collection, cue was made 2 decades ago... its BEM 6 tulip/ebony points with ivory center piece inlays... barely used 1 gen 314 no cat logo on 5/16x14 pin, tiger leather wrap...
  5. linds

    bem/6pts tulip

  6. linds

    table innovations and upgrades

    years back had develop "bolt-on" auto ball return for certain type of tables... now im working on a classic box table with a neat look with built-in drawers to accommodate cues/ balls, rack, accessories + hardtop cover stay tuned... ;)
  7. linds

    amboyna n' cocobolo ying-yang cues

    amboyna n' cocobolo ying-yang cues sold as pair/set well seasoned tight grained shafts 13mm 4oz/each on 3/8 brass radial pins flat faced joint hi-lo veneered points/windows, ivory centerpiece inlays brown /white, white brown irish linen wraps 58" evenly cut at 29" both 19.10 oz natural...
  8. linds

    cash trap/ looking for options?

    been in the business most of my life... not that active here at AZ, but been doing few projects to friends in the local community. had purchase supplies last october 2013 on various US online shops via creditcard. since i was expecting to generate sales during x'mas season on pool tables. /...
  9. linds

    bacote/bem bridge points

    5/16x14, tiger leather wrap, veneered points/ mini windows, evenly cut at 29" 19.10oz butt: 14.80oz shaft: 4.30 tight/straight grained well seasoned hard rock maple aegis ferrule more pix at:
  10. linds

    BEM-narra 6ptr

    birdseyemaple/narra veneered narra points tiger/leather wrap 58" evenly cut 13mm std shaft 5/16x14 ss/flatface joint 18oz protector/case $400 pm for more info
  11. linds

    x'mas sale!

    purpleheart narra std 13mm shaft/aegis ferrule,elk master tip 8 veneered narra points leather wrap (tiger products) G10 pin radial 18.25oz 58" evenly cut at 29" protectors/case included $500 plus shipping via fedex/dhl pm / sms me @ +63921-231-1111
  12. linds


    bacote- BEM bridge points 5/16x14, tiger leather wrap, veneered / mini windows, evenly cut at 29" 19.10oz butt: 14.80oz shaft: 4.30 tight/straight grained well seasoned hard rock maple aegis ferrule...
  13. linds

    custombuilt cues $150

    custombuilt cues ( ready made/ no waiting ) seasoned hardmaple shaft 13.00 mm / phenolic ferrule / pressed elk master 3/8x16 stainless steel joint narra/amboyna forearm veneered points genuine irish linen wrap 18-20z comes with black hardcase protectors $150 + shipping pm me/ +63921-231-1111...
  14. linds

    ways to destroy ivory?

    http:// confiscated some years ago (20tons) now being destroyed 5 tons/sort of/covering up? prime sections missing... take note of the pix...
  15. linds

    just for the record/ posted before 3 .38 hollowpoints in me :-)

    from my site, translated by a dear friend/unedited: malamang kinukulang na naman kayo ng pansin??? ayoko na sana patulan kabobohan nyo pero syempre need nyoko to remind you of such... sport lang lolow (memory gap lang yan!) Trans: Looks like you’re wanting more...
  16. linds

    PiX of Linds Cues...

    test blog! just to keep track of records
  17. linds

    PiX of Linds Cues...

    test blog! just to keep records...
  18. linds

    BEM-narra 8-pointer

    for more info:
  19. linds

    my new line to be... (still in woodcraft) reserve now!

    table shop been empty for awhile now... and now considering a new line still in woodcraft as i do have the machinery/capability can even ship international and customize to their preference (mop/abalone inlays, gold,cream, white or just plain stained hardwood UV coated finish in dupont...
  20. linds

    linds AZ store

    to minimize bandwith i'll just post/bump on this thread with regards to my items: a year's work now available: price specs available via pm (be posting specs individually soon) :) linds cues-billiards US line: (323)-515-3766 +8hrs...