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  1. whitey2

    Position Play for High Runs - Johnny Holiday - Rare pocket billiards/pool book

    Position Play for High Runs - Johnny Holiday - Rare pocket billiards/pool book Although I have an ebay auction listing scheduled for 11:00 AM PST, I will consider offers from members here, at at discounted price. I will gladly allow local pickup in Eastern Massachusetts, USA as well. I'm very...
  2. whitey2

    FS - Position Play for High Runs - Johnny Holiday - Rare pocket billiards/pool book

    Hi Folks, I was once a fanatic in this forum, as some of you may know. I had planned to list some things within the last year, but now I'm finally getting around to listing some of the pool items that I will never be using due to my back injury. I feel somewhat obligated to give you a folks...
  3. whitey2

    Hi folks, it's been over 5 years since I've been here!

    Hi Folks, Some of you may remember me, as I made a lot of friends on this board, and was a "regular". Anyway, I'm glad to see that the board is still alive and well, and I was surprised to see that there were 198 people viewing the main forum alone! I injured my back a few years ago, and...
  4. whitey2

    An amazing collection of pool tapes for sale

    Hi Folks, It doesn't look like I'll be getting back into pool, since I'm stuck here, and pool is virtually dead around here. I may kick myself a few years from now, but anyway, this is my stash of pool tapes and DVDs. Mostly instructional, but some very cool and rare stuff too. Also, 12...
  5. whitey2

    FS: Meucci Originals MS-3 City of Lights (Road Agent) Cue

    Times are so tough I've got to let my favorite cue in the whole world go. This is the one I bought from Fast-N-Loose, and drove over 5 hours (each way) to pick up in person. Anyway, before I start crying (just kidding I think), here's the link...
  6. whitey2

    FS: Porper Big Shaver and Self-Centering Tip Clamp

    SOLD - FS: Porper Big Shaver and Self-Centering Tip Clamp Hi Folks, These have only been used a few times and just like new. The extra blade for the shaver is still in its sealed package. I've played one hour of pool in the last three months, and doubt I will ever have a use for these. I'm...
  7. whitey2

    FS: Williard Tip machine on ebay

    Hi Folks, FYI - This Williard tip machine was just listed.
  8. whitey2

    Elite Billiards, in Worcester Mass., is closing :(

    Hi Folks, This is (was) a real pool room, and I'm sorry to say I was told that it is closing down at the end of the month. They had about 27 Gandy Big Gs, and two billiard tables. No Booze, one working soda machine and a snack machine. Coffee was 50 cents, and I think they still served hot...
  9. whitey2

    Pool Cues that Tell a Story

    Does anyone know of any pool cues that tell a story, of an era, other than the "City of Lights" / "Road Agent" / "Road Warrior" / MS-3 / HOF-6 (Hall of Fame #6) by Robert Meucci? I am not aware of any, other than maybe the slight impression that some of his other cues, like the David Howard...
  10. whitey2

    The House is Not a Poolroom - Sanford and Son

    Airing right NOW on TVLAND channel. For those who have not watched it on youtube, it's great...
  11. whitey2

    Meucci Originals M-15 "City of Lights"/"Road Agent" MINT!

    F/S: Meucci Originals MS-3 "City of Lights"/"Road Agent" MINT! Hi Folks, A few months ago I bought two of these, and I only "need" one of them. The one I have for sale is absolutely the most attractive one I have ever seen, but it is about an ounce too heavy for me. It feels like a 20.5...
  12. whitey2

    forum access using a PDA or cellphone

    Hi folks. I am using a PDA to access the forum tonight. for the fuirst time ever. My laptop broke about a week ago, and I am finding it tio painful to use the forum with this device. Does anyoine access the fiorum from their cellophone?? @ 85 3!@6?
  13. whitey2

    WTB: luck like this kid

    or beat up and badly broken Meucci Cue butts price negotiable
  14. whitey2

    great cue transaction with FAST_N_LOOSE

    I recently bought a cue from him, and FAST_N_LOOSE is a fantastic person to deal with. He was extremely professional, and even stayed around a while after closing, for me to show up, and complete the transaction! :) Even gave me some directions on-route. A class act.
  15. whitey2

    OK - IT' 2008 - Where are the USA 24 hour pool rooms

    1 - (cool pool balls sounds warning) Was in a movie, but they covered up the name. It's across from the famous painted gas tanks on 93. Peak time used to be 3AM Saturday morning, 25 or more on waiting list. :) Went there a couple years ago, it appears to be a great...
  16. whitey2

    Your favorite picture of POOL balls

    I was just "thumbing" through my picture library, and came across this picture from that great thread about the home made ball polisher. I came across this picture, and I think this is the best picture of pool balls I have ever seen. The colors are just so incredibly true and vibrant, and show...
  17. whitey2

    The Pool Gods, and photos of them

    Hi Folks, Have any of you ever caught the pool gods on film or by other means? Post 'em! They rear their heads at the most unexpected times, and come and go from nowhere. It seems that a pool god is (or was) present at Amsterdam Billiards, and was caught "on film", as I noticed in the recent...
  18. whitey2

    WTB - Used Meucci Road agents, dings OK

    Hi Folks, I'm in need of a used Meucci road agent cue. Shaft(s) must be decent. They really vary in stain colors, and wrap type, so please post at least one picture if you have one. I can manage the weight. I've seen many I like and a many I did not, it all depends on the particular cue...
  19. whitey2

    I may be interested in 4 piece cue down the road...

    A while back, I forget how long, I remember the topic of a 4-piece cue mentioned. It was mentioned by a cue maker who was wondering if there would be a market. A couple years ago, I was looking for a cue that I could store in my briefcase, along with my "work stuff". I'm not talking about...
  20. whitey2

    I'm back to the stressful work routine, lost my stroke already

    Last week, I started a new contract job, after having countless free time for pool for almost the last two years. It also requires me to ride a small motorbike about 15 miles each way. Well, I did not even pick up a cue all week, and when I did today, it felt as if I never had a good stroke...