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  1. Vahmurka

    World Pool Masters --- May 6-9, 2023 (location TBC)

    Obviously, as them Matchroom say, the list of participants was revealed during the last day of 9-ball Worlds in Kielce (February 2023). However, as them Matchroom say, two spots are left for wildcards. Note that Mohammad Soufi, the sensational runner-up of the Worlds, won some heart(s) to...
  2. Vahmurka

    [Exclusive] Meet the female entrepreneur ... alongside the Hearns

    The British tabloid The Mirror with exclusive on Emily Frazer of Matchroom Multi Sport:
  3. Vahmurka

    Russian 14.1 championship 2020 live stream

    Watch here (check for live matches). Fedor Gorst, Sergey Lutsker, Konstantin Stepanov are already through to the quarterfinals (this round is scheduled at 9:30 AM, EST)
  4. Vahmurka

    Russia 2020 nationals (14.1, 10b, 8b, 9b), Nov 9-12

    Live at World of Pool YouTube channel. Featuring some of top European guns like Gorst, Stepanov, Chinakhov, Seroshtan, Lutsker. Matches start daily at 10 AM Moscow time or somewhat earlier (that's 2 AM EST)
  5. Vahmurka

    Brunswick Centurion proper cushion profile?

    one of our local pool halls might have installed wrong type of cushions recently. As far as I remember they bought K55. The banks play short, balls often jump when hit the cushion on a solid table-length bank, and at the same time 2- or 3-rail position kills all the cue ball action. What is...
  6. Vahmurka

    ABN Moscow Challenge: Ruslan Chinakhov vs Shane Van Boening (November 6th)

    SVB is going to attend Kremlin Cup 10-Ball event for the first time, so that's golden opportunity to arrange a challenge match featuring this monster player. ABNbilliards is proud to present this challenge and free live streaming from the venue. In order to keep things interesting for foreign...
  7. Vahmurka

    New appliance for muscle training in pool and other cue sports

    Details to follow. So far, what do you think of the importance of certain "pool muscles" training? Of course there are muscles responsible for stroking motion. But what's about intensive training of those? Could it be important for better play, or is it totally irrelevant?
  8. Vahmurka

    Physical workout for proper stroke?

    I wonder what you fellow instructors think of an idea of pumping the muscles that operate one's stroking arm? Kind of what golfers do. Of course they focus on driving more than putting in regard with muscle training, but there are ways to train upper body for better putt as well. Recently I've...
  9. Vahmurka

    Another video showing Cyclop cue ball rolls off once in a while

    I first was going to add a post to a previous thread on this subject (Video evidence that Cyclop is ...) but as soon as I noticed it has been driven way off to other direction I decided to open a new topic. Cyclop balls were used at recent Amway Cup. And though more often than not there were...
  10. Vahmurka

    Michaela Tabb - no more refereeing ???

    during a recent ranking snooker tournament in Cardiff a local commentator said that Michaela will not act as a referee any more. Neither in snooker, nor in pool! His exact words were "her career has been ended" - as if to underline it was not her own will. Also he mentioned something about Barry...
  11. Vahmurka

    Evgeny Stalev 2014 World tournament record run - and "How would you play this"

    Evgeny Stalev 2014 World tournament record run - and "How would you play this" his run was recently shared with the audience. Evgeny provided some commentary, it's in Russian of course, but at the table he has spoken a universal global language of 14.1 ;) so it's easy to comprehend. Well...
  12. Vahmurka

    Any contacts of Michael Long? I assume Dakota Cues was his nickname

    I'm not certain about Mike Long and Dakota Cues are one and the same person, but I would appreciate any contact info, emails or such. Dakota Cues was last posting back in 2013, so sending him a PM is not an option I guess.
  13. Vahmurka

    Cue butt a bit warped - fix it or leave it?

    Recently I discovered the butt of my cue got slightly warped. I never really bothered about checking so far, and even now I don't think it does influence the cue delivery line. Yet subconsciously, you know, it might get on me, especially if I it happens I miss a ball - and I sure will miss...
  14. Vahmurka

    Ruslan Chinakhov vs Evgeny Stalev - Dec 2

    Two Russian big guns will fight in a special arena, 10-ball race to 25, winner breaks. I will post starting time prior to the challenge match, as well as a link to live stream.
  15. Vahmurka

    I got a question to Balance Rite extension owners

    how much does it weigh? And I'm cusious where is the balance point of the extender itself? Could you please measure those you have?
  16. Vahmurka

    Make It Happen DVDs - need advice on selected matches

    Accu-Stats announced the pre-paid DVDs from latest invitational event, one where they played round robin, 8-ball, 10-ball, 14.1 and 1-pocket. I'm on a budget now and wouldn't be able to buy the whole set. Even 12 matches I picked according to my interests seem a little bit too much for the time...
  17. Vahmurka

    Name that player ;)

    here is one of them talented young guns, an aspiring player (back then) at the age of 12. Name the name :smile:
  18. Vahmurka

    Suffering from severe mental bloopers during play - Need help!

    I can not cope with my conscious mind. I can't generate enough focus, or whatever. That results in what I call mental bloopers, slight and rapid moments of loss of concentration. They lead to me missing pretty easy shots. I would call myself pretty decent player overall, "been there done that"...
  19. Vahmurka

    Why does sealed shaft gets blue

    I wonder why does a shaft which is sealed and waxed still collects chalk residue and gets blue? When I cleaned/sealed/waxed my new shaft I was hoping it won't get dirty, especially provided I wipe the shaft with a towel during play to keep chalk dust away. But it is very easy to tell my shaft...
  20. Vahmurka

    where is Robert Wong of Black King tips?

    I see his last activity on AZB listed as 10-18-2013 :confused: Hope everything is alright. Has anybody heard from him?