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  1. tattoosbyjay

    tattoo machines

    not sure if anyone would be intersted but id be willing to trade some tattoo machines and tattoo equ for a custom cue looking for a titlist style cue or any trad style cue
  2. tattoosbyjay

    the cue tip fastener

    i dont see a date on it but id say its from the very late 1800 to the early 1900 its called the cue tip fastener made by orme &sons , billiard table makers HRH the prince of whales , manchester and glassgow thats what the lable says the lable is in very good condition as is the tool it is made...
  3. tattoosbyjay

    foursome cigarette billiard card set of ten

    foursome cigarette billiard card set of ten cards from 1928 these are in very good condition and would make a great addition for any collector asking 300 shipped
  4. tattoosbyjay

    bushka style cue for sale

    im using the info from the original owner i hope he doesnt mind cause the description is perfect, this is a stunning cue in person , very solid hit 4 point with 4 veneers, mother of pearl inlays with acrylic in the butt, 3/8-10 pin, ivorine joint with joint protectors. I sent the material to...
  5. tattoosbyjay

    carom pocket inserts

    i have a regular pool table and im looking for pocket blockers or rail inserts so it can also be used as a carom table does anyone make them or have them for sale?
  6. tattoosbyjay

    oh my

    i had no idea i moved so much when down on a shot , i took two years away from the game , just started playing again i dont feel right at the table mt stance feels funny and i cant seem to sight the ball in a way i feel confident on the shot sorry the video is so long any advice im all ears...
  7. tattoosbyjay

    paul newman signed photo

    not sure of the value so looking for best offer id say it has to be worth around 300? [/IMG]
  8. tattoosbyjay

    unknown cue for sale

    unknown cue not sure if its a made from a titlist one piece cue or if it was a full splice blank has a solid ivory flat face joint big pin ivory ring at the bottom coutland wrap one shaft ivory fer. i dont have calpipers but id say its close to 13m maybe 12.8 feels to be light 18oz id say i...
  9. tattoosbyjay

    black boar shaft

    im looking for a black boar shaft , one with a nickle ring would be perfect if anyone has one they will let go pm me a price thanks
  10. tattoosbyjay

    palmer 3rd catalog model no.11

    palmer 3rd catalog model no.11 cue , i just had this cue sent out and and had the handle fixed it had a roll in the handle which is now straight. it has two shafts one original very nice condition with a new morri tip i also had jerry -r- make a second shaft for it ivory fer. new morri tip he...
  11. tattoosbyjay

    looking for a szamboti forearm or palmer with a szamboti forearm

    looking for a szamboti forarm or an old palmer with a szamboti forarm cue condition is not an issue as long as the forarm is good , im looking to just use the forarm to have a cue built send pics of what you have to offer thanks
  12. tattoosbyjay

    1910 mecca card set full set

    [/IMG] this is a complete set for sale asking 500 shipped
  13. tattoosbyjay

    Minnesota Fats Signed Picture

    Minnesota Fats Signed Picture just like the title says real pic not a copy hand signed will post pics tonight pm me with intrest
  14. tattoosbyjay

    john williams skull cue/ justis envelope case

    for those of you who dont know john williams he has been building cues for 15yrs maybe a little longer atthis point forten of those years he worked for paul mottey and james white, he currently is building cues under his own name and has been since 07 here is a john williams all ebony , real...
  15. tattoosbyjay

    geisha girl casejust started

    just starting this one , here is a geisha girl i drew up and decided to use it fora case it will be a 1x2 envelope style case with a lid, it will be fully tooled then painted, for those of you who dont know mei am a full time tattoo artist i own my own studio here in new jersey, my tattoo work...
  16. tattoosbyjay

    sneak peek case in progress

    here is one im working on its will be a 2x4 pro lite style int no pockets the entire case will be tooled so if anyone is intersted here is your chance to get it first
  17. tattoosbyjay

    tiger case finished

    case finished and is for sale allhand tooled then hand painted (not airbrushed) 2x2 case same interior and justis pro lite style laced up the center for a diff look
  18. tattoosbyjay

    hand tooled and hand painted tiger case F/S

    here is a case i just finished up i cant even begin to tell you how many hours i have into this one tooled on 10oz leather then hand painted (not airbrushed)i laced this one for a differant look has wooden end cap onthe lid and wooden end cap on the bottom covered with leather, has thesame...
  19. tattoosbyjay

    dragon case finished

    here is the dragon i posted a long time ago finally decided to put it together
  20. tattoosbyjay

    dragon case ( finished pics) for sale

    ok here is the dragon case all finished, the pics dont do this case any justis, the tooling is really deep and sharp, tooled out of 9oz leather . the color is just a hair darker in person the photo makes it look a little washed out from the flash , it has wooden end caps,built on a gtf 1x2...