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Review, Story, and Critique-New JB Custom Case
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Thumbs up Review, Story, and Critique-New JB Custom Case - 08-31-2010, 07:22 AM

Well the wait is over, I have received my JB Cases-Custom Case, and it is now time to share the story. First I wish to thank John Barton and his team, including the talented Zhen Hai his Master Leather Worker ( pronounced GEN-HI) who was responsible for part of the tooling design, and all of the leather tooling. Think Zhen Hai ‘s Leather Works ROCKS! He is IMHO right there on the top of the pile with the best leather workers in the world.

The idea for this Cue Case came about because I was seeking what I would like to call the “Perfect Pool Cue Case”, for me to carry what I use. I started calling the project, the “Element’s Case”,(<<<---PHOTOS LINKED AT LEFT) when I realized I was putting elements of what I liked in other Pool Cue Cases that I own, or have previously owned, or had the opportunity to look at, and examine real close!

I decided I wanted a Cue Case built to hold, 3 Cue Butt Sections, & 4 Cue Shafts, so I could carry the following with ease. Playing Cue with Two Shafts, a Break Cue with a Single Shaft, a Jump Handle with a Single Jump Shaft, and in last a Butt Section Slot, was the place for carrying my John Hager Extension. Think the Brown Colored Ultra Pad Interior works well with the over all, color, and design of the case.

Plus I again choose to have John’s Ultra Pad Interior Liner, for MAXIMUM CUE PROTECTION! Like John offers in his line of Jay Flowers Tribute Pool Cue Cases, that I personally consider, a “best buy” in a leather pool cue case, because of all the options offered at little or no cost. Lots of bang for the buck in those Jay Flowers Tribute Pool Cue Cases

I also request deeper than NORMAL Pockets, (Approx. 2” Deep) as I have this Pro-Just-A-Bridge I love to use, but because of the Pro-Just-A-Bridge's bulk, it often get left at home as it didn’t fit into my other Pool Cue Cases. Plus the Pool Cue Case has room for cell phone, reading glasses, pool rule book, accessories up the wazoo, change of clothing, including extra pair of cowboy boots, LOL, etc. Yes I carry too much junk.

Also as I am a South Pawed I asked John to set up the Case to be carried in my Left Hand with Pockets away from the body, Top/Lid Forward, the way another Cue Casemaker sets up his cases. The other reason I asked for Left Hand Carry is a problem with my Right Shoulder, that I just can not too carry much weigh in my Right Arm because of the problem creates pain.

Also the Jump Butt Compartment & Zipper is on the Side where my Side Carry Handle is for ease of getting at the J/B Handle. Plus I can see if I left the compartment open before walking too far.

The case has the similar profile of a Pool Cue Case John did previously, it was called , “The Palace Garden”, but I wanted more bare leather showing, I think the tooling that was done on my case flowed together well. The Pool Cue Case John did called, The Ranchero Case was the inspiration for less tooling, and more leather showing.

I have had the opportunity to look over the Element’s Pool Cue Case real well in good light last evening, I know I have a critical eye for detail, and I would rate the workmanship a 10 ++ out of a possible 10. Honestly everything lines up perfectly, and it all works like the Marine Corps Precision Drill Team in Washington, D.C. The Zipper Placement, Stitching , Fit & Finish, etc., is all just way beyond great construction. Lets say John, and his teams attention to detail is like striving for perfection.

I really like the Puzzle Latch, John Barton created, and is now incorporating in many cases, as it was designed to replace trouble some Turn Locks, Purse Type Twist Locks, and Snaps that can with time developed problems. The Earth Magnets John uses in the Puzzle Latch are said to loose 1% of their power every ten years, so the Magnets I am sure will be working flawless when I am long gone.

John also incorporated a Chalk & Joint Protector holder in the Top Pocket. The Case has John’s newly designed Rubber Foot, to keep the Cue Case from slipping on a slippery floor when leaned against something. Dry or Empty Weight of this 3 Butts, 4 Shaft Pool Cue Case is 6 # 1.6 OZ.

I took the Pool Cue Case over to our Community Leather Club where I live yesterday afternoon before dinner, I asked a few of the members how they would rate the workmanship. Got lost of ooze, aaaazzzz, and nothing but compliments. One guy asked about the Chinese letters on the bottom, and I said it was the mans name who did the tooling work, and he is in what I call the "Old Red China", were the Pool Cue Case was built. This Leather Club Member who did the most talking, said he did not realize the Chinese were capable of such a work, was totally impressed with the quality of work, and all the attention to small details, that he made a point to point out to me. Like all the Tiny Swivel Knife Cuts in the Side of the Case, Carry Strap, Top Handle, Side Handle, Under the the Top Positions of the Body of the Case that he said was the mark of a very skilled craftsmen who took his craft seriously.

This was the same kind feedback I got on my Jay Flowers Tribute Pool Cue Case, that I took it over to the Community Leather Club, a year ago for critique, and comments.

I honestly think John, and his Team have hit a Home Run with the Element’s Case, I am one happy camper. What I received, it is beyond my wildest expectations. I will honestly say if you have a idea for a Custom Pool Case with Logo, Artwork, Special Configured, etc., you would like to see come to see come life. I would highly recommend John, and his Team for your project, as they are more than capable of turning a simple ideas into Magic. Making suggestions on what functions', what don’t function. What works, what don’t work in Pool Cue Case design, and turning your ideas into great Pool Cue Case.

I will take the liberty of giving John Barton, a new AKA. That being King of the Pool Cue Casemakers, as John is been at this Pool Cue Case Build thing over two decades, he is constantly reinventing Pool Cue Case Design, he can build about any style of Pool Cue Case, or any configuration of Pool Cue Case, and is constantly looking to do Pool Cue Cases that not only look great, but offer the best protection for Pool Cues.

I like to compare John’s Genius, or maybe his unorthodox approach to Pool Cue Case making with the great Walt Disney. As Walt dreamed of a magic place, did some scribbling on a table napkin when he first got the idea for the magic place, that places was for a place for his employees to unwind. When he first dreamed up the idea for what grew to a place for the public to unwind, and is now know as Disneyland the Magic Kingdom.

John Barton like Walt Disney before his death is not satisfied with what he has have done, I think both of these creative guys minds never stopped dreaming up the next new idea, to incorporate in a Pool Cue Cases, or the Magic Kingdom called Disneyland.

BTW John Barton, aka JB-Cases has updated his Web-site, and most of his recent works are on display, and his Blog has a bunch of new Blog entries. both are fun to look at, to get ideas for a Custom Pool Cue Case, or information about Pool Cue Case past & present!
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